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  1. Hi Daniel, Wich installer do you mean? I don't see a installer link anywhere? Thanks, Rollende_Babba
  2. hi daniel, would it be very usefull to make a new installer? My system is still working perfect. I don't see realy big benefits untill now. In my case i'll just wait what you do. For me it doesn't have Amy prior use. Again thanks for this great manual! RB
  3. Daniel, Thank youuuuuuu!!!! It worked. The only thing is that my airport didn't work anymore. But I have a great Broadcom fix, so now it's working. If anyone here has the same problem with the airport issue, I have a fix for it. Vielen dank aus Der Niederlande! R_B
  4. Daniel, Thanks for your great work, I want to do the upgrade to 6.3 but what does the installer do with my current Wifi drivers, since my LAN still isn't working under OSX (under WinXP they do with Fusion) so I need my wifi connection. Is the new installer overwriting my current wifi drivers? Or do I keep my drivers untouched? Greets, R_B
  5. First Eastern... that's more important. My comp is still working so, I'm thankfull for that, I have never had problems. As always with OSX.....
  6. I was already installing and then I thought , wait I'll check insanelymac first! Happily.... So what do you think what cause the hang? I hope there will be a workaround.
  7. Did anyone tried Snow Leopard on a EB1012-B0077?
  8. Danielfo... Is it right Bootcamp cannot work with this BIOS ROM? The bootcamp assistent says that. RB
  9. Its is working!!! Finally! I used a new install , combo install, the package, and using the broadcomfix.zip before restarting! Now its working perfect! Thanx!
  10. danielfo, i did your chown thing and now THE system keeps loading on boot with THE apple logo. Update via my always working iPod touch with wifi : repairing permissions via USB stick in disk utility... That helped but still no wifi.... No internet, Logic... Waiting for the sounds. Anyone experience with Rosetta under SL? I would like to use 'CenterStage'.
  11. yes kernel panic is the black screen I had that all the time, not only the first time, after installing those drivers. The system sees it now as BCM4312 14e4:4315 dev01 ... but i cannot make any connection. I did a io810family.kext installation. Maybe if i install osx again and using the broadcomfix it will work..... maybe i'll try that tonight.
  12. I have it installed with a broadcom fix from somewhere, now is sees the airport but I cannot turn it on. aaah im getting closer :censored2:
  13. Im using a USB thumbstick also as installer, i needed it now for already 9 times
  14. Kernel Panic! again... now i typed it right... what is the problem here??? It should be compatible with OSX. Maybe I can try this one: http://www.kexts.com/view/76-to_get_nearly...xx_working.html
  15. Kernel panic all the time. I don't have external drive now O(nly à ide via USB but that doesnt seem to work with booting) so i cant install new osx, any sugestions? I have à install o&n USB stick. But i have nothing without THE bootcd isn't it? THE system also said after installing THE kext that it isn't usable on this system, but i think thats à normal message... Also DanielFo... I realy apreciate your help all THE time! Damn i did THE last one wrong, i copy pasted THE Same path from THE other two ;( {censored}!! I'll take THE drive tommorow and now gonna watch Bayern München vs Juventus