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  1. TabletMagic for TabletPCs

    Hi all, I have the same problem, but with iPC. I've install Tabletmagic2 beta17, tabletEnabler.kext, edited the Apple16X50Serial.kext with WACF006, the result 'no tablet found', I also changed TabletPrefPanel(?) with one i've found here. Only I can set serial port settings in the first run, after I hit enable, then restart, the settings turns to gray (unchangeable). When I change transfer rate from 9600bps to any value, the screen turns to full vertical stripes, like a VGA error, hardly can found the restart menu, but when I click on it, osx frozen with a kernel panic. I also try beta15, changing don't query and daemon kill settings, no result. There's no bluetooth card installed to my tablet. Sometimes, after i start Tablet magic, the mouse cursor duplicated, and some greey rectangle appear under it, but no other effect, except that every time I click on enable button inside Tablet Magic, an info*.plist is generated to the desktop where * means the actual date/time when i hit the button. Under winXP or win7, tablet is working, so not hardware faulty. Any ideas?