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    GeForce 8400 GS

    Hey, Apple have removed support for Older Nvidia cards, i have been porting 10.8 to the MacPro1,1 See Here However my OFFICIAL MacPro with OFFICIAL Mac 7600GT does not get supported :-( Jamie
  2. Hi I have created a tutorial on how to install your Mountain Lion on Some of the Unsupported Hardware! Check out the Tutorial Here! http://www.j4mie.co.uk/blog/2012/02/18/how-to-install-mountain-lion-on-macpro11/ Hope you enjoy the tutorial! Jamie
  3. Jamie Cruickshank

    Dell Optiplex GX520

    Absolutely Fantastic, The Framebuffer drive you supplied Dellmantt seemed to fix it up Perfectly. The DSDT.Aml doesnt boot on my GX620 but the Framebuffer does so i am a very happy bunny. Thanks Again. Regards Jamie Cruickshank
  4. Jamie Cruickshank

    Dell Optiplex GX520

    Hi i have A GX620 and am having problems with the DSDT file. I was wondering if anyone has had any problems with it going to a Grey screen and if so how didi you fix it? Could anyone of you kind people be able to send me your working DSDT.aml files for the GX520 or GX620? Kindest Regards Jamie Cruickshank
  5. Jamie Cruickshank

    GMA950 Dell GX620 Grey Screen with DSDT! PLEASE HELP

    I cannot get my EFI string and when i install the Apple Integrated Display it thinks my Output is on a Secondary Monitor when i use VGA. Very Annoying since EVRYTHING else works 100% Regards Jamie Cruickshank P.S, When i use DVI/HDMI it detect One Display Only, When i plug in VGA (I only have ONE DVI PORT) it thinks i am on a Secondary Display! This is now my only fault
  6. Jamie Cruickshank

    GMA950 Dell GX620 Grey Screen with DSDT! PLEASE HELP

    I have tried the Olderframebuffer driver, this is working, however it doesnt allow me to output Via VGA as this makes it the Secondary Monitor, Altho i only have One DVI port. I haven't Tried EFI strings, that was going to be my next step. Regards Jamie Cruickshank
  7. Jamie Cruickshank

    GMA950 Dell GX620 Grey Screen with DSDT! PLEASE HELP

    Thanks for the Help, However this DSDT is still just giving me a Grey screen at startup. It still plays my audio file but still no display Regards Jamie Cruickshank
  8. Hi all, i am beginning to go mad with not being able to get my Graphics to work properly on my Dell GX260 with an Intel GMA950 Onboard Graphics. I can use the Framebuffer kext, However when i use VGA it always thinks its the Secondary Monitor, PC has SIngle DVI which allows 2 outputs. I have my DSDT.aml file which compiles successfully i have applied the RTC fix and alls well. However when i apply the GMA950 patch i get the apple logo with the loading wheel. then it flickers and goes onto a grey screen. i made it play a MP3 file when it loads and it plays that so i know its booting. If some kind soul could have a look at my DSDT file and could give me a hand it would be sincerely grateful Here is the Display Info! Intel GMA 950: Chipset Model: GMA 950 Type: GPU Bus: Built-in VRAM (Total): 64 MB of Shared System Memory Vendor: Intel (0x8086) Device ID: 0x2772 Revision ID: 0x0002 Kernel Extension Info: No Kext Loaded Displays: Display: Resolution: 1024 x 768 Pixel Depth: 32-Bit Color (ARGB8888) Main Display: Yes Mirror: Off Online: Yes I have Attached both my Fresh DSDT and my Non Working DSDT. ANY HELP would be appreciated, This is driving me Nuts now! Everyone else seems to have it easy with it My Modified DSDT: http://files.me.com/j4m13/obwxaa My Stock DSDT: http://files.me.com/j4m13/cqp95c Thank You!
  9. Jamie Cruickshank

    Need help with Sapphire HD 2400 XT 256MB bios!

    Hi mate, given that a try however still doesnt work the pink lines have changed and now introduced alot of green lines aswel so i know it has effected the card i have tried all the 2400XT and 2400 PRO i can find however i cannot find the 2400 XT sapphire one. Kind Regards Jamie Cruickshank
  10. Jamie Cruickshank

    Need help with Sapphire HD 2400 XT 256MB bios!

    Hi my fellow OSX mates, I have been modding an Sapphire HD 2400 256MB XT bios and it seems to now not let my card show any image by some pink garbled lines. I can blind flash the card so if ANYONE has an original Bios lying around i will be forever greatfull. Here is a picture of my card: Any Kind soul willing to send me their original bios would be very appreciated. Kindest Regards Jamie Cruickshank
  11. Jamie Cruickshank

    Best option for a Hackintosh compatible CAD card?

    Hi mate, i have tried OSX86 on a pc will full comapatability, however what worries me is where you have put "Stability is very important to me for this computer" this however is a slight problem as OSX can be a real biatch to keep stable and sometimes will crash, if your looking for a stable mac the best bet would be to get a cheap second hand one. As for graphics tho Nivida eems the best option something like 8800. Regards Jamie Cruickshank