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  1. ASrock Conroe945G-DVI

    sigh... perhaps the beta BIOS would do?
  2. ASrock Conroe945G-DVI

    did anyone try the new overclocking potential with this BIOS?
  3. Silicon Image release Universal SATA drivers

    I didn't understand if this driver is also for 3112 PCI cards or not...any succesful report?
  4. ASrock Conroe945G-DVI

    the best thing to do with this board is to get some memory rated at the default 1.8 voltage...it probably can be slightly overvolted, but not enough to make some high performance modules run on it...
  5. ASrock Conroe945G-DVI

    TopazBar: actually your dl speed is in the USB 1.1 range (1.5MB/sec)
  6. ASrock Conroe945G-DVI

    TopazBar: than you very much...I only have a partition on that disk, is there anything I have to change in the syntax you wrote?
  7. ASrock Conroe945G-DVI

    rainman01: I know that, but as I explained some posts ago, my external HD won't boot MacOS. I myself have two sata hard drives in my PC, one with WinXP, one with MacOS, and I switch among the two OSs in that way. But when it comes to external HD, I can't make my MacOS to work... Some ppl here advised me to set the drive as bootable, but I don't know how to do that with the disk utility enbedded in MacOS...
  8. ASrock Conroe945G-DVI

    nobody replied to my "old" question, yet: how can I use the disk utility in MacOS to make my USB drive bootable?
  9. ASrock Conroe945G-DVI

    beepyou: with them all the core 2 duo have the new SSSE3 instruction, not just the SSE3
  10. ASrock Conroe945G-DVI

    nice sw, this mactracker! unfortunately, they won't be able to keep track of he new hackintosh's
  11. ASrock Conroe945G-DVI

    the new Core 2 Quad CPUs will be released any time soon (in november, I guess). There's the 2.66Ghz version which looks very promising, even if it costs a lot. I'll wait at least one year and half for an upgrade, but those who didn't get the C2D now, could want to try those out before deciding...
  12. ASrock Conroe945G-DVI

    for my "performance" PC I have a 6600, which has a 4MB of L2 cache and overcklock quite well. But the 6400 if for sure the best deal...I aid about 200 Euro for it, against the 300 for the 6600. All the C2D are great, anyway...I'd say the best CPU since the Motorola 68030 hehe
  13. ASrock Conroe945G-DVI

    sprezzatura: dunno aberracus, but I preferred to stop at 299Mhz BUS, since I could keep the PCI-e at 100Mhz. I know that the small DVI card could handle more w/o any problem, but a C2D at 2.4Ghz is enough for almost every task... think that I can play a DVD movie on one monitor, while using the internet on the other one, while recording an MPEG TV station on my HD...that's great, since the CPU is below 50% even then...
  14. ASrock Conroe945G-DVI

    I'm with my hackintosh again So...how do I make my external drive bootable, via the disk utility in mac OS x? thanks!
  15. ASrock Conroe945G-DVI

    I guess your only chance is to get a video card featuring TV-out (like ATi x1600)