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  1. Battlefield 1942 mac problem

    No, here is a better picture of the problem. What causes it and how can I get rid of it. Is it because I'm on an Intel Mac? How tp fix Pllleeeaaassseee.
  2. Battlefield 1942 mac problem

    I am running Battlefield 1942 1.61D on my imac and I get this problem in all of my mods: The players seem to have a defect flag thing or something. I can't figure it out.
  3. Battlefield Vietnam Cider Joystick Problems

    Okay, got the joystick to work, still don't know what was wrong. Does anyone know where I can find Battlefield 1942 cider? I'm putting all of my windows games on my Mac. Thanks, Fuzz
  4. I am running Battlefield Vietnam Cider on an iMac running Snow Leopard. Battlefield Vietnam won't pick up my joystick input. My Joystick works just fine for Cider Battlefield 2, but does not work for this. Flying is the best part of Battlefield Vietnam, I really wish this joystick worked. Thank you