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  1. i5-4200U integrated GPU woes under 10.10

    Unfortunately I'm still stuck with the Bluetooth configuration - built-in Intel 7260 module, though seems to initialize, fails to connect to anything else, and my other Cambridge Silicon Radio BT4.0 module fails to connect to anything as well... (CSR module is v 75.58 btw, if anyone else is trying.) Will look for some Broadcom based USB stick in nearby stores.
  2. i5-4200U integrated GPU woes under 10.10

    I just wanted to share that I built a bootable vanilla installer, and put a Clover r2780 (built by clovergrower) on it with some really basic extensions (FakeSMC, VoodooPS2) on it, then finally loaded your config.plist - right now I'm unsure if I modified anything, maybe some boot params; I remember it was using the 0x0a260006 ig-platform-id. (Anyways, as soon as I'm finished with setting up this beauty, I'll post the details and diffs between Rehabman's config.plist and the "vanilla" Clover installer's config.plist to see what makes it beat.) So I fired up the whole new USB Installer drive (I tried to fire up my "already installed" install w/it, to no luck), and the OS X Installer just booted up as if it was always meant to run on this laptop. Everything seems to be accelerated, so I'm really curious now, if this'll be a super success. All in all, thanks Rehabman for suggesting to try it from the scratch and also for providing this config.plist. I'll post updates.
  3. i5-4200U integrated GPU woes under 10.10

    I haven't experienced any errors during the application of the patches myself. My nVidia card is most likely disabled on BIOS level. Do I understand correctly that so far I should try the whole thing again with creating a vanilla USB installer, then applying the mentioned ig-platform-id to the clover config.plist and hope for the best? (Also: VT-d disabled in BIOS, dart=0 nv_disable=1 kext-dev-mode=1 -gux_defer_usb2 -gux_no_idle InjectKexts=Yes in the kernel params?)
  4. i5-4200U integrated GPU woes under 10.10

    Here's the zipped result of sudo cp -pR /sys/firmware/acpi/tables tables extracted with an Ubuntu 14.04 boot disk. tables.zip
  5. i5-4200U integrated GPU woes under 10.10

    I see, I'll clean that part out of my config.plist I generated my install drive from Yosemite Public Beta installer, using some Clover installer containing a built in Yosemite boot disk creator part ("Clover_v2k_r2780 - yosemite beta patched.pkg") - don't know if that counts as a distro. (At least this is far from the times when ppl were using pre-made ISOS around 10.6, when I put building hackintoshes on hold.) Meanwhile I might just try building an installer from the ground up. Also the lack of said kexts might be due to the fact I chose to remove graphic drivers during the customize part of the installer - the only fun fact is that I fail to find those files on the installer disk or in BaseSystem.pkg and other places which I considered obvious. Again, I'll try my best to prepare an installer by hand. Attached you'll find DSDT and SSDT[1-9] files. Thanks for your efforts. Archive.zip
  6. i5-4200U integrated GPU woes under 10.10

    I see, I didn't recognize if that was an HD4x00 or HD4k only patch. Sorry, you must had misread my line there, it was a hardware ID injection, and not a platform one. The question regarding the HD5000Graphics.kext was because of my install definitely had none of that in /S/L/E while I found it on my regular 10.9.3 Mid 2009 MBP's according path. (Hence the part where I mentioned my thought, they might've integrated all the HD5k and 4k kexts and bundles into a single "ultimate Intel IGP kext".) Would you be open to such analysis? If required, I can upload my raw DSL files and Clover config.plist. Please note that I'm aware that this might require some, if not a lot of time on your behalf, as it did so far from mine. In any case, I'm perfectly comfortable with paying for your efforts.
  7. i5-4200U integrated GPU woes under 10.10

    Hi RehabMan, and thanks for commenting on my issue - I originally tried to contact you through PM, without luck, for your activity regarding this product family, I think you're an expert on the issue. As far as I know, my machine has Optimus, though I set tried to disable the nVidia adapter in the BIOS, by telling it to use only the IGP. lspci under Linux doesn't even lists the card. So far I've been experimenting with the 0x0a260006 ig-platform-id, but now i tried the one ending in '5' on your recommendation - no luck so far. I'm getting so far, that I'm thinking about writing some tool to iterate through all the combinations of platform id's, hw id injections, injectintel and injectedid options, though this seems a bit hardcore to me. (By the way, https://github.com/RehabMan/Laptop-DSDT-Patch/blob/master/graphics/graphics_HD4K_low.txt this patch in your repo suggests a different platform id, though I'm unsure what "AAPL,ig-platform-id", Buffer() { 0x03, 0x00, 0x66, 0x01 } translates to in config.plist terms. My initial DSDT patching process was based on kylecronan's tutorial (found at: https://github.com/kylecronan/U430-instructions-OS-X), I placed resulting aml files (DSDT, SSDT-4 and -6) to /Volumes/EFI/EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched/. If it might help, using some hardware IDs result in 1 or 2 minor blackouts during booting (e.g. 0x0a268086 does), while others don't. AppleIntelHDGraphics kexts outputed some errors until I placed GraphicsControl and IOAcceleratorFamily2 kexts by them, right now they only miss some _mp_kick_cpus symbol, though I don't know if that cause them not to load or they actually load successfully. Should I be looking for some AppleIntelHD5000Graphics.kext or s/g like that under 10.10 Public Beta, or Apple merged all neccessary kexts into a single one? :S
  8. Hi everyone, I just recently bought an U430p with - as far as I know - isn't that different from U430 Touch, a device some apparently had good experiences with. Currently I'm trying to install Yosemite on this device, which went fine (installed, Clover UEFI booting works as intended) up to the point where I tried to set up the GPU (integrated Intel HD4400, i presume, as I'm using the i5-4200U CPU). Currently I'm experimenting with different HW IDs and Platform IDs, up to no luck. I'd be really thankful if you could guide me how to find out the proper IDs, if not even share some proper settings, if you already had luck with this. Thanks for your time, I hope you could help me out with some advice here.
  9. iTunes 7 - Official Problem Thread

    itunes 7 was not working for me either (athlon 64, sse2 only), but using the ditto -arch ppc, then copying the ppc binary over the itunes unibin, editing info.plist helped me. i hope the unibin patch comes out eventually
  10. Driver for nForce4 LAN

    Hi, I'd like to ask if anyone noticed the same problem like me. My network connection goes fine at 100 mbit, samba copying, network, like i've used it for 5 days without any interruptions on a lan for quake and things like that. However when my ADSL modem hangs up the line (my ISP hangs up every 24 hours), the driver hangs or something like this, and the card transmits something up (according to menumeter, my switch doesn't blink like it would normally do), but there is no receive. I've already tried to replug the cable and reconnect, tried enabling and disabling the network card in Network Preferences, but both were useless, only reboot helped. Interesting though, that I can unplug the cable anytime and it would reconnect fine, and if I want to hang up the line manually, i can do it, it would reconnect without any problems - just 'forced disconnect' knocks out the driver, however it is quite bad to restart my box for every 24 hours. I'd like to try the nockd and other builds, maybe someone can tell me what's the difference between the different builds... Thanks for your help.