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  1. The NVIDIA 9500GT Thread

    i still get black screen maybe it's because i've 2 9500 in sli?
  2. Will osx work on the Asus Eee Box??
  3. iphone 3G without contract

    in italy are unlocked both contract and without...Tim and vodafone sell the no contract at 499€ 8GB and 569€ the 16gb
  4. seeding as i promised eddie
  5. Leo4All

    TO ALL Tests are finished wait tomorrow 14(GMT+1) for the torrent
  6. Leo4All

    well torrent will be on after 14 (gmt+1) tomorrow if i start the torrent download from ftp is quites slow... so wait
  7. Leo4All

    as i have the iso downloaded from the ftp i'll make a torrent... but at the beginning it'll be slow i've only 70kb/s upload
  8. Leo4All

    ftp i think private right eddie? anyway it'll be on torrent soon
  9. Leo4All

    yeah congratulations you made for me the best distro. You rock man
  10. Leo4All

    General Information : NorthBridge : Intel i945PM SouthBridge : 82801GBM (ICH7-M) LPC Interface Controller uhm oki found myself ichX fix right?
  11. Leo4All

    well it says syncing disk killed CPU halted shoutdown
  12. Leo4All

    uhm my laptop doesn't work anyway i burned the iso and it's right md5
  13. Leo4All

    well installed ok but after the boot (i can see loading kext etc) no kernel panics but no more video... it's maybe to no driver i search for it or if anyone can help me it's an Ati X1600 mobility radeon