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  1. Thanks Glasgood.... This is the easiest hackintosh I ever built. Using the same method and BIOS setting, the clover can't see my SSD . (with same motherboard and 8700K)What I did was 1.Installing HighSierra to the SSD by using my macbookpro using usb harddrive connector.2. Plug the SSD into hackintosh3. Boot with USB-clover, choose SSD4. Install Clover Boot loader to SSD5. Copy&Paste the "Post Install kexts" into SSD's EFI partition, renamed as "EFI"After that, I can reboot and remove USB-clover, and choose to boot from the clover of my SSD.Everything works perfect, this hackintosh is the easiest one I ever built.Working:1. Sleep/Wakeup2. Sound3. Nvidia graphic ( 960Ti )4. Network (LAN)Not working:1. Wifi REPLY
  2. Kudos!! I have a M2N-VM DVI here. Got the Leopard installed once. Then I ruined it by trying to install Video Driver.. Then I can not get a successful install anymore.. always give error when trying to load from HD.