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  1. Hello MaLd0n! Many many thanks for your great job! I have High Sierra installed, and never changed dsdt. My computer is: Mobo - asus sabertooth z97 mark 2 Processor intel i7 4790 Video - Asus gtx 1080 I have uploaded files if not enough please tell me. Thank you! origin.zip Send me iMac.zip
  2. Hello, bright minds. Today I need your help as never. I'm trying to create a script or a program that can do an easy task. I need to copy a word next to word from google search results. For example, I search in google "Car number" and I have some numbers in same page as google comments for links. And all that numbers goes after word "number:". So I need this numbers to be copied to a file. I tried to do this with automator, but this is impossible. So I tried with Imacros for firefox but still haven't any results. Please HELP! Thank you. P.S. I'm ready to pay some money for this script.
  3. I have same problem. Anyone solve it?
  4. Geforce.kext causes NTFS Volume name , version 3.1

    Thank you for answers! Problem solved by clear installation 10.8.2. I just add FakeSMC, NullcpuPowerManagement and modified AppleHDA. And of course GraphicsEnabler=yes. Now I have ML with QE.
  5. Hello, friends. First of all, I would like to say Big "Thank You" to all people who spend their precious time solving MAC problems. I believe God bless you. So, I have 9800GTX+ working fine in 10.6 and 10.7 with GraphicsEnabler=yes. In ML I have r esolution but not QE/CI . The problem is Geforce.kext. I tried different versions of it but no luck. With geforce.kext installed I have black screen and log saying "NTFS Volume name ... , version 3.1", without it works fine but no QE/CI . I tried DSDT patching, NVenabler, GraphicsEnabler=yes but still same result. Any ideas?
  6. Thank you very much, now I can see my audio card in device properties without any enabler! So, I install appleHDA.kext and now have working audio, but only stereo... Any chance make 5.1 work?
  7. Hello, all. Have a trouble... Can't find _ADR 0x001B0000 in my dsdt... Maybe my acl1200 has other name? Can you help me? I have P5Q3 and attached my dsdt.