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  1. [How To] Solutions for Audio Problems

    Alternative Solution for people dont have luck getting a suitable driver hi i just installed and updated Snow to 10.6.2, so kernel mode was set to x64 and all hardware worked fine. GA-P35-DS4, 8800GTX by the way. But MacFuse, NTFS-3G and some other apps have problems running in x64 mode. so i decided to use x32 mode (thats the normal running mode now on original apple assembled devices i think). Every App was back at normal behaviour then, but my Sound was fragged also. After reading a lot about actual kexts, my chip and about compiling the ALC889a into the dsdt, and about 30 kext/reboots/kernel panics later, i found out that my Soundcard isn't supported now by the extensions/Solutions out there in x32 mode. Give me a response if i am wrong. My Solution for now: Use a cheap usb Device until your card is supported so i actually use 2xAureonDualUsb (20 EUR each), - one for Music/Movie/Game/System output - and the other for telephony/skype/chat