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  1. Hi! In my case I have the Intel HD4000 not the HD3000. This Gigabyte BRIX have no audio output, I mean have no audio connectors if I want audio only via HDMI in Windows, in this case I already check the link you provide but the script can't find any audio codec. About the QE/CI I want to help but I have no idea how can I see that, if you give me a little help I can see that for you! Cheers.
  2. EDIT: Problem solved. Just removed all IntelHD3000 kexts, repair pemissions with Kext Utility and inject intel with ig-platform-id: 01660003. The only problem now is the HDMI sound, don't have sound but actually I'm using the display port to a regular monitor. Cheers!
  3. Hi, Unfortunately did not work :/
  4. Hi, I think this is a graphic issue. If I run this: Type: mount -uw / Type: cd /System/Library/Extensions Type: mkdir intel_back Type: mv AppleIntelHD* AppleIntelF* intel_back/ Type: touch ../Extensions I can boot in normal mode but with limited graphics. Any way to resolve? Cheers
  5. Hi! I do everything as you said but now have this problem "VM Swap Subsystem is ON" and stuck on this one. Can you give me some help please? Cheers.
  6. Hi! Thank you for your reply! Unfortunately that boot flags did not work for me. I'm a bit lost because I'm a newbie at this stuff . I only can boot into OS using -v -x. Cheers.
  7. Hi, I'm trying to install Mavericks into a Gibabyte XM11-3337 SPECS I can install but can't boot into the OS. Someone can give me some help on this problem? Into verbose mode it talks about Bluetooth controller, I already try some boot flags (-x, -v, -f, PCIRootUID=1, GraphicsEnabler=No, dart=0 and npci=0x2000) but at this moment still can't boot into OS. Already try a distro for Mavericks too but give me same problem. Cheers. EDIT: SOLVED!
  8. I read but think that was for a current installation into HDD. Thank you
  9. Sorry about my English. I'm talking about the Kernel.
  10. Hey, I have a main question that I can't understand. When I use Vanilla and need a custom kernel where I need tu put that kernel? To boot into a specific kernel I think that is "/kernelx" but where Is the place in clover to put that kernel? Can someone help me on that? Cheers.
  11. Hi! I can boot now and enter at installer. I format the disk and when installing the process stop and I get this OS X install error: "OS X could not be installed on your computer. An error occurred while extracting files from the package Essentials.pkg" Any way to bypass?
  12. Sorry. Don't know that can't speak about distros. I'm sorry about that.
  13. How can I put that kernel into a distro or vanilla (clover)? I try to use into Niresh Mavericks but after load in verbose PC restarts. I try a AMD kernel too and can boot but stuck on "Waiting for roott device". So far this is my hardest hachintosh :/
  14. EDIT: Now have this error message: http://s21.postimg.org/ezt2ss57r/26155534500_4ea1836cfb_o.jpg
  15. Hi. First of all, thank you very much for this info. I have a question. My CPU is an N2830 it is really compatible with OS X?