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    Problem with Graphics (Geforce 7950 GT 512mb)

    I am also having this problem i have a 7950gt ko thats not working and im trying to load logic but it says i have 0 vram etc.
  2. Just tried the new installer 1.12worked perfectly with the graphicsenabler=n I can boot by by either entering the arch=i386 command or not depending on if i want 32 bit mode or not which i do because my external sound card and uad2 pcie card will only work in 32bit mode do to driver limitationtion updated to 10.6.2 perfectly no hiches I just need help getting an affordable video card that will let me load logic
  3. The Menu at the top is not translusent guess that means i have to get a different video card? So with the new installer do you want me to see if it works up to the point were i install it on my hard drive? Can you reccomend a video card from the link on my previous post? Should I update the installer on my harddrive with the new one posted today? Thanks again Just tried to install logic... it laughed at me and said i needed more than 0mb vram and a quartz exteme cabable graphics card Does all this just mean i need a new video card or do i need something special what is quartz exterme? Thanks testing installer now will report back.
  4. I got it all loaded it up and am very happy Thank you dgobe and tyfle and everyone else for your support! Is there a way so i dont have to type graphicsenabler=no and does using this command have any advese effects on system performance? Its only showing 256mb of vram? Where can I get drivers for my card?
  5. Holy **** Thanks to Dgobe and Tyfle i am now at least booting the instal disk!!!!!YAaaaaaaaaaa will report back
  6. Ya Im probably off base with knowing if my video card is supportted or not. I did check the forums but nothing seemed to work for me, If you say the 8800gt works out the box then ill probably pick one up later today. Thank you for all you help with my problems Ill let you know if i have any problem with the 8800gt the 8800gt isnt available on new egg anymore anything else that will work for like 100 can i get something on this page here http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList....75%20-%20%24100
  7. The new installer didn't work either i guess its the video card. Am i forgeting to list anything under my specs that would prevent this from working. I just keep getting the light blue screen after the syntax scrolls. I could take a pic of the screen and upload it if looking at the syntax will help if not any video card suggestions?
  8. It looks like the arch=i386 command isnt going to work for me I still keep getting the "Light Blue Screen of Death" lol So if I do need to get a new video card to make this work can you recommend something that will work with my motherboard for like 100 bucks or cheaper if possible. Thanks dgobe for guide and help I found a list video cards supported in snow leopard and it said th 7950gt is supportted by Chipsets Supported by NVDANV40Hal.kext [v1.6.2.35 (18.6.5f11)]: If it isn't the video card any guess on what else it could be?
  9. After I boot the mac os disc from chameleon I get a bunch on syntax scrolling down the screen followed by a light blue screen is my hardware incompatible Asus p6t deluxe v1 i7 920 wd velociraptor nvidia 7950gt 512mb ahhh please help id really like to run logic in 64 bit mode on a hackintosh