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  1. [Guide] Getting XFX HD6850 connectors to work

    I would have but never figured out how to upload the kext. I have sold the ATI card anyhow and installed the Zotac Nvidia GT640 Silent graphics card. Works OOB without any drivers or hacks. I am using FCP and handbrake without issue. Works great!
  2. [Guide] Getting XFX HD6850 connectors to work

    The line for Duckweed is 179744. I just updated my MT Lion ATI6000 Kext with the edited info from Lion ATI6000 kext and all is working well. Sapphire 6870 with 4 ports.
  3. [Guide] Getting XFX HD6850 connectors to work

    Any idea what lines the personality connectors are in for the Mountain Lion ATI6000 kext to edit the connector tables?
  4. [Guide] Getting XFX HD6850 connectors to work

    Can someone please tell me how I can find the Duckweed line to edit in the Mountain Lion ATI6000 kext? It believe it was 176800 in the Lion ATI6000 kext but I have no idea where Duckweed is in the Mountaion Lion version of the ATI6000 kext. Also I would like to try and get my connectors working on a Sapphire HD 5750. If anyone knows the line for Vervet in the Mountain Lion ATI5000 kext I would really appreciate that as well. Thanks in advance!!!