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  1. make sure that the network you use has minimum ping time.
  2. shikhar623

    OSX on Samsung Series 5 Chromebook?

    hello bromfiets, any luck abt osx on chromebook.?
  3. Anybody having Experience in Installing Mountain Lion on "Macbook 13.3" white c2d 2.13GHz 2GB 160GB". 2009 model I have heard that Mountain is NOT released for the older macbooks.
  4. shikhar623

    Buying iPhone 4S from US?

    any loopholes? Jugads?
  5. shikhar623

    Buying iPhone 4S from US?

    The apple site states an iphone 4s available for 99$ in US.... Can i get it for just 99$ with contract ? i know everything about unlocking it jut wanna know that is there any loop hole or what?