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  1. Ok, I'm back up. I don't have an iOS device so I had to use the CC route. I updated my CC in the App Store and was able to log in. It logged me out after a minute, but I logged back in again and it seems to be working. This is what I did Delete /extra/modules/FileNVRAM.dylib reboot Delete /extra/nvram.UID.plist reboot copy FileNVRM.dylib back to Modules reboot open APp Store In menu click Store-View My Account Change the payment type (In my case I went from Paypal to a CC) Start Messages app go to preferences log into iMessage account and wait for success message. Hopefully this helps somebody!
  2. Where do you check for that? ITunes? Mine is already linked but ill try changing to another card.
  3. Ok, I created the modules folder, copied the FileNVRAM.dylib file into the folder. Updated Chameleon to 2170. On reboot, the nvram auto-generated with a bunch of zeros. iMessage now gives me a Contact Support message. I logged into iCloud on my MBA (lion)but I'm still getting the contact support message.
  4. Ok, so I installed Chameleon 2.1 but I don't know where the /extra/modules folder is located. Any help here?
  5. I haven't made the jump to Clover yet as I'm waiting for a fix from Chimera/Chameleon. Is there any update(or place to look) on the Chimera side of things to get the fix in place?
  6. I'm by no means an expert by any means...my sound is working but I haven't tested from the rear port. Only the front port since it's still on my kitchen table.
  7. Problem solved...pulled out a stick of RAM and tried again with success!
  8. I have the same issue right now...did you get yours fixed? Different install method and hardware, but the same exact error.
  9. I have the F6 Bios if that makes a difference.
  10. Hi, I'm trying to install using the Tony Mac CD method but the SL installer stops towards the beginning of the install P55m-UD2 i5 750 4gb G.Skill Ripjaw 1600 RAM eVGA 9800GT retail SL DVD I can get into the SL installer and start the actual install but it stops after a few minutes. The error log shows that it can't access the essentials package. I've gone through the bios and made sure AHCI was set in both places along with HPET 64-bit. I have a 1TB drive that I've tried to install using a smaller partition as well as the entire partition. I've also tried switching my SATA connections from the GSATA to the regular SATA ports on the Mobo. Another post from a year ago showed a few other people with the same problem but nobody was able to assist. One person had overclocked RAM but my motherboard drops the clockspeed down to 1333 automatically. I haven't made any other changes to the BIOS besides loading optimal settings as well as the AHCI and 64 bit settings. Can anybody assist? I'm completely stuck...
  11. Might have missed it, but does onboard sound work well with the P55M-UD2?
  12. What is your boot time with this setup? I'm looking at pretty much the same hardware.