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  1. Powerspec, Dell, Compaq

    I have two Powerspec boxes purchased from Micro Center. Model V102 runs iAtkos S3 v2 with vanilla kernal upgraded to 10.6.7. I plan to upgrade to 10.6.8 soon. Audio and networking were the biggest issues. USB audio (add-on) works without trouble. AAC 883 works with the right driver (old, and details are not immediately available). Realtek 8139 on the board usually works but sometimes requires multiple reboots. I added an old Apple (DEC) PCI card and it depends on which distro I'm using if it works. Tulip driver for it. USB is occasionally very slow. SATA works great as does onboard (GMA 950) video. 32 bit boot needed for network driver. RAM upgraded to 4 GB. Model B302 runs SnowOSX with vanilla kernal upgraded to 10.6.7. Onboard networking (Realtek 8169) sometimes is flaky but usually works. No other issues. DG31PR mobo. Dell Dimension 8400. iAtkos S3 v2 with Qoops kernal. No upgrades but no issues either. I added RAM when I upgraded the V102 box. SnowOSX would not boot. Compaq SR1930NX. Running XxX (10.5.6) with modified kernal. I tried several so I'm not sure which one I settled on. Issues with onboard video, so I purchased a cheap GeForce 8400 GS. Snow Leopard worked (iAtkos) but I was unable to solve sound driver issues and eventually gave up. Several distros had SATA and mobo issues. The above are my currently running systems. The Powerspec boxes were my first attempts at Hackintosh and I ran several versions of Leopard distros prior to Snow Leopard. I had some boot issues and the "still waiting for root device" issues on occasion, but was able to overcome those by trying a variety of distros and paying some attention to hardware selection and bootloader options. Consider me, perhaps, an intermediate user. I understand a little of programming from long outdated studies but am unable to contribute in that way to this community. Other installs: Dell Dimension 4400. I used to run iAtkos 5i with vanilla kernal. Upgrades failed. System was OK but a little sluggish. Currently running Ubuntu on it. No other distro I tried would install. Sound with kxAudio driver had quality issues. Dell Precision 340. Install succeeded with iAtkos 5i. No upgrades. Barely usable. I had to use Universal Access (System Preferences) to increase the Mouse Pointer size. Useful as a demo that install is possible.