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  1. Battlefield 2 **Cider** On-line play?

    i second that
  2. Getting Ready for Snow Help :)

    hate to be a {censored} but if you are too lazy to do it yourself what makes you think others are going to help you. if you dont know what to do in picking drivers google the device name and then osx86 Example geforce 8800 GTS 512 osx86 you should find a tutorial on how to get this card working or at least a driver name
  3. Wii / Gamecube Emulation (opensource)

    you need to look online for a precompiled one... google it. otherwise, if you know what you are doing, you can look at the svn changelog and see when a build comes out that is fixed for mac to work. and then compile it using the guide mentioned above. but a precompiled version would probably work best in your situation. btw the mac version is a bit more buggy than the windows/linux one
  4. Heeelp! Did I screw up my motherboard?

    have you tried popping in a windows 7 dvd to see what happens? Check the bios to make sure dvd is the first thing to boot. Reflash the bios. I doubt messing up partitions could cause motherboard failure
  5. Dual 4770 status?

    Just wondering if anyone knows what snow leopard has in store for crossfire 4770s or should i just stick with nvidia?
  6. Dell Inspiron 5100, Success!

    Yeah I would really appreciate the list! also, i was trying and trying but i kept getting still waiting for root device. I have the 60GB hdd does it have to do w/ that or was it just the options i was selecting?
  7. What to choose, what to choose ?

    sorry, but you really shouldn't have just been like here is my pc config tell me what to do. that is not how it works. it's all about learning. The three main things you need to focus on are your processor - ill give you a hint... it works mobo - google your model name then osx86 ex "gigabyte(some other letters)osx86" videocard - google ati radeon 1900x osx86<- you can read you own specs im not 100% that is the exact model # then of anyonementions a build specific to yours and a Distro that works with it YAY SCORE ONE GOOGLE if not wither download IPC osx86 10.5.6 and follow one of the hundreds guides in the wiki
  8. Battlefield 2142 help

    I legally own the pc version of battlefield 2142 and want to play it on mac. I have a problem though. I installed the game on vmware fusion and it works with random lag. I got the cidered version of the official game, and conjoined that with the vmware install. It seems like it would work if i got the dvd detection to work. I put the official pc dvd in there and it still says that it cant find the dvd even though the dvd is in there. Anyone know how to bypass the cd check or make it work correctly? thanks
  9. i had the same exact problem, but i was able to fix it by putting my video cable into the other slot in my dual slot gfx card. Even though this isn't the primary slot it seems to have fixed my problem.
  10. Now that the 3g iphone was out i thought it would be nice to get a cheap 1st gen iphone and put my t-mobile plan on it. (yes, i can unlock it myself did it for 3 other friends) The only thing is the ones listed on ebay were like 600$$ WTF! they were already jailbroken too. (not worth 400$ if you ask me) So i just asking if anyone knows of a GOOD and RESPECTED website that sells iphone 1st gens for cheap. Thanks!
  11. rEFIt Theme

    Debian FTW!!! please?
  12. please tell me that was a joke because that is the most untrue statements ever said on this forum. ~PCWiz is a very respected member who helps noobs to take the easy way out instead of begging in the forums for weeks trying to solve 1 problem.
  13. sil3132 driver

    can someone give me the sil3132 |-->Raid<--| driver. I have been looking on the website and i get a .mpkg. i looked inside it for about an hour and couldn't find the kext. can someone please give me a kext so that i can plug in my usb stick, do kextload -t sil3132.kext and pray that there is no ownership errors. Thanks. Btw i only have xp installed atm so i cant do anything that you need mac os x for.

    I got a new hard drive to match my old one so that i can have striped raid (RAID 0). This being my first raid setup, I had no idea what to expect. I was able to set up RAID and it works great on windows vista. I went to go and create a new partition for mac Named it Mac OS X(formatted as ntfs would do the rest in the install dvd). That all went smoothly also. I put in the dvd for mac KALYWAY 10.5.2 and opened disk utility. I did not see the ntfs partition Mac OS X. all i saw was WESTERN DIGITAL WD5000AAKS -Disk0s1 (493GB) -Disk0s2 (36GB) WESTERN DIGITAL WD5000AAKS -Disk1s2 (467GB) DVD DRIVE BLAH BLAH BLAH All of the DISK 0s stuff was greyed out so i didn't want to reformat in caution of having to reinstall windows again I Was only expecting to see 2 Partitions and one HDD soo yeah can anyone explain this to me thanks a lot
  15. I just got a new 500 GB HD to match my existing one. I would like to wipe my pc and set up a raid 0 setup. Specs Bad Axe 2 Q6600 2x500GB WD5000AAKS Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTS 4GB DDR2 800 MHZ I am going to wipe my existing hard drive and start fresh. I would like Mac OS X 10.5.5 as my primary partition 500GB and Microsoft windows seven Beta as my secondary partition 500GB. I DO NOT know much about setting up raid. I know quite a bit about what it does, but not much about setting it up. Can someone tell me the easiest way to set this up In raid 0. I would like everything to be handled in the bios not software. I think it would be easier for me to understand and handle later on. I also heard that there was some compatibility issues with osx and raid on bad axe 2. Was this solved by dsdt? So if anyone wants to give me any suggestions/nice small tutorial, im open. thanks!