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  1. I tried with the switch in the middle position (power saving in theory ? It's actually annoyingly difficult to find info on the switch positions !) and it still happens. I'm using a single monitor.
  2. Thanks for checking... weird problem that I have. One difference is that I'm on Clover. What is the position of the bios switch on your GPU (mine is towards the back of the PC) ?
  3. Hi all, still no memory problems with my previous OCquirks.plist... but I noticed recently something very worrying about navi GPU fan control... It's in the current discussion topic with sleep. I have pmset with displaysleep set to 2 and sleep set to 0 so the screen goest to sleep while the hack still runs (Plex server, etc.). But I noticed recently that the fans of my Nitro+ 5700 XT do not spin back up correctly once I wake up the screen. I don't know how I havent fried my GPU yet but basically when you run something GPU intensive like LuxMark the GPU fans (which are off at low temps on this card) spin up pretty quickly after you start it. After waking up the computer from display sleep... they don't. Going to real sleep and back up seems to solve it. Does this happen for anyone else (please test carefully) ? I'm not 100% sure here because I don't want to test too much.
  4. I won't have the time to do that sort of intense testing in one go but I'm fine with doing a few restarts every day, so I'll reach these sort of numbers in a few weeks I'll report then. About the whole Fenvi / PCI lane business, the fact that due lane/chipset configuration we should not see any difference doesn't mean that we won't see any difference... Remember that we are talking about a shoddy knockoff wireless card being installed in a device full of sensitive electronics. It could very well be a problem of radio interference between the card and the rest of the computer that depends on the physical location of the card. It's for example well known that bluetooth messes up with USB 3.
  5. I just tried adding OcQuirks.plist and change DevirtualiseMmio to true and ForceExitBootServices to false. Otherwise the same as your EFI (+battery clear). For now it has survived a few restarts and cold boots without errors, including with booting windows in between. Only time will tell if that was a good solution. And don't leave @AudioGod ! Thanks again
  6. I just saw this tutorial on hackintosher suggesting to add an OcQuirks.plist and set DevirtualiseMmio to true and ForceExitBootServices to false. Is it already set in the compiled OcQuirks here, or is it something anyone has tried ? Good luck with your cold @AudioGod
  7. Updated to the latest EFI folder without MA.efi, performed full battery reset and put iGPU to 32MB... But ended up getting the "error allocating boot..." error after a while. A couple of things though... I got the error right after restarting from Windows, and then the error kept happening (whereas it was fine for several boots on macOS before that). Could restarting from windows be a cause somehow, and more importantly is it normal for the error to keep happening once it appears (only got it to boot with a backup EFI including MA.efi) ? Second link question is about disabling iGPU, which seems to be my only option left... what kind of functionality do I lose by doing that ? I seem to remember sidecar and/or x265 decoding is that correct or does everything still work with iMac 19,1 even with iGPU disabled (I don't dare ask about DRM haha... but still curious haha).
  8. Just put everything together... and it's working apparently working flawlessly, thanks @AudioGod and @glasgood ! So far I'm still with MA.efi, I'll look how it progresses on here. Just as a remark, there are inconsistencies between bios settings in the various pages (text in the first post of this thread VS settings file for CFG unlock VS glasgood's tutorial photos). What i did was load the CFG settings file then apply the few different things in the "BIOS SETTINGS (Bios Revision F12d)" section of the first post. EDIT : I installed MacOS on the M2 slot close to the CPU, and want dual boot windows as well. If I need to install windows (I hope that wont be necessary and that I can just transfer a disk), is there a way to deactivate a M2/NVMe drive in the BIOS so that the installer doesn't mess it up, I haven't seen it (it's kind of very hard to reach to remove it now !).
  9. So the other thread about the Aorus Master was updated about the fact that MemoryAllocation.efi is the same as free2000 and thus not recommended. Any updates for the Aorus Pro? From my understanding Z390 boards need some kind of memory fix .efi with sometimes a custom slide value, but @AudioGod seems to recommend not putting any other memory fix .efi, I'm confused... EDIT : reading around it looks like it's hard to have the Aorus Pro with the iGPU enabled, which is required for 19,1 SMBIOS.
  10. I just meant that you did not yet do a similar post/modification on the Aorus Pro thread. But seeing the solution it looks like it should be similar on the Pro compared to the Master, if slide value is also 0, or whether a manual slide value should be found (using memmap in the efi shell). EDIT : won't there be problems from time to time with Z390 boards if no memory fix efi is used at all (not slide by itself), the reddit thread about free2000 seems to imply it ? Maybe there is a difference clover/OC on that.
  11. Hi @AudioGod how do you compensate for removing MemoryAllocation.efi ? It's also in the current EFI folder for the Aorus Pro that hasn't been updated for this yet.
  12. Hi everyone, I'm about to receive my hardware for that build and I'm already so grateful for all the work that was done in here! I plan to start with the clover EFI as I'm more familiar with that but I have a question about the MSR lock : I ordered a Fenvi T919 for wifi/bluetooth, but read in the thread that int doesn't work well with the MSR unlocked, is that info still current, and what happens ? EDIT : it seems only @WizeMan has this problem but not @Tiem ? What do we actually lose by keeping MSR locked / gain by unlocking it ? I see that the unlock helps with the 5700XT but havent found much more details. My Hack will use ethernet so the wifi card will only be used for airdrop/continuity which I can live without if need be. If I do keep the MSR locked, is there anything to change in the clover config.plist ? (I see that KernelPM is already true) The opencore portion of the guide shows that changes are needed depending on MSR status but not the Clover portion which is why I'm wondering. EDIT so it seems that with MSR unlocked the clover EFI has to be modified (switch KernelPM to false) compared to the downloaded version (so opposite to OC), is that correct? If so the guide is not clear on that. Does the file containing the MSR unlock config (F12d_UNLOCK) also contain the correct other settings for the bios ? RTFM, looks like it Thanks for any precisions !
  13. Pieroman

    No rootless=0 mode for final release ?

    More details (reassuring) here: https://www.cindori.org/forums/topic/trim-enabler-with-os-x-el-capitan/page/2/ It's a very interesting thread btw.
  14. In this post about a security session at the WWDC, it was stated that the "rootless=0" nvram boot argument will be disabled in the final version: https://forums.developer.apple.com/message/9062 Is it very worrying for the hackintosh community, or would clover work fine without it ?
  15. Pieroman

    OS X El Capitan DP's builds!

    How about metal support ? Which GPU ?