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  1. Apple Boot Screen Stuck

    There was none. I think, this is solved with the Post Install package from ktbos. I just tried adding a modified one with no result. No I haven't. I'm kind of a newbie. Could you be more specific and tell me what to do to try that?
  2. Apple Boot Screen Stuck

    Hi everyone, I've tried to install Snow Leo 10.6. on my Dell Latitude E6410 following this guide //Thank you ktbos for your guide and help (I can't reply in your topic). But after the step where I should update the system and reboot, I can't boot to the system again. My computer get stuck on apple boot screen. I've searched for a solution and got many different opinions and advices but none of them helped. I tried updating manually and I found out that this problem happens between 10.6.2. and 10.6.3. After last six days spent by reinstalling and browsing the web looking for a fix I am starting to lose hope. Please help me. What I've already tried? -s, -v, -f on boot cpus=0,1,2,4 and busratio=7,10 on boot adding timeout key in com.apple.boot.plist adding modified SleepEnabler.kext into Extra/Extensions ...and I don't know what else. I tried almost everything I found. No success. This is my third laptop and I'd really love to get the Mac OS X working (I was completely unsuccessful on those previous laptops). This time I have complete guide for my laptop model, but even though I cant get it running. When trying run it in -v mode I got stuck on this screen. I made a backup with TimeMachine so I can now work on 10.6.2. so if there is any way how to update it properly I don't need to fix the boot problem. Thank you for every response. Chip