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  1. poplars

    no sound on a dimension 4700

    is this so noobish that nobody wants to answer this???
  2. poplars

    no sound on a dimension 4700

    the device id and all that is 8086:266e . . . . can someone please tell me what kext I need to use??
  3. hey all I just recently got Iatkos S3 v2 working with everything but my sound, I've been searching around but I"m not quite sure which kexts I should try... I've got it working before but this was with previoous versions such as leopard, any help would be /greatly/ appreciated.
  4. poplars

    My experiences with a real mac

    very interesting.... I think I fall into the 5% because I want to record and make music on Mac OS X.. and I"m inclined to think if final cut pro doesn't work well like that protools and garage band wont work as well in hackintosh either.. but I will tinkner with it and all that jazz. have had good success with it on my dimension 4700... thanks for writing that up though, I enjoyed reading it.
  5. I hope you pull through with this intel pro/wireless driver business. I will greatly appriciate it.

    thanks for your efforts.