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    New 2007 iMac picture

    I can't believe nobody agrees with me about liking the current iMac design alot.. But do you really HAVE to post saying it's photoshopped? Eheheh..
  2. I was thinking about Timbuk2, but after I saw one of those bags on DL.TV, with Patrick Norton saying their padding isn't so good, I went here to ask instead
  3. willrocks

    OSX and PS3

    Amen to that, man. Except that you wouldn't be able to buy all of those things on the budget of a single PLAYSTATION 3, which is hard to believe, since it costs so much! Why would you spend the $500 or $600 to buy a PLAYSTATION 3 (their official naming, all in caps ), possibly screw it over by trying to run OS X on it, and waste all that money that you should have actually bought the system for: the games (or the Blu-Ray)? With the money spent on the higher end PLAYSTATION 3 (the $600 "HDMI-enabled" one), you could buy the basic Mac Mini model, or buy the higher priced XBOX 360 package, a few games, a remote control for movies, and another controller, or even a Wii, a few games, another controller, and a DS LITE with a few games! I'd prefer not to buy a PLAYSTATION 3 until its cost comes waaay down.
  4. Infinite is right, this guy is a real big Microsoft fanboy. Near the beginning of his article he was talking about how the WWDC was nearly a complete bashing of Microsoft and Vista. Well, considering how much Apple has improved since 1997, when Microsoft bailed them out of bankruptcy, I think they deserved to take a few pokes at the guys at Redmond. When Apple knows that their OS is better than their competitors', they're going to show why it's better to go with them by showing the ways that Microsoft "copied" alot of their material.
  5. willrocks

    New 2007 iMac picture

    I dunno, I personally like the current iMac design, with the big blank white space on the bottom of the computer. It makes it unique I guess, while the concept you posted seems so mainstream.
  6. Thanks for your replies guys, and right now I'm prefering the WaterField designs "Size 13-1 SleeveCase". Just out of curiosity, which one did you get, Mash?
  7. Hey, I've been reading the Insanely Mac forums for a while, and just joined, and I have a question up. In a few weeks I'll be getting a Macbook, and I'd like to have a bag that carries it snug. I don't want a backpack, I'd prefer a shoulder/messanger bag thing, but just one that holds the notebook and my cell phone or something, not this huge thing, but with good padding, so it can take some abuse . Any ideas?