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  1. CE260

    Foxconn or Gigabyte

    I picked up a Foxconn ELA. Works fine for WinXP and 7. Will try FreeBSD when I can learn how to install the GUI to run when booting. So far no luck getting OSX to install. I've only tried the retail method so far which I almost had working in the Gigabyte EP45-DS4P. I'm tempted to look for another one and sell off the ELA. Thank god I have My MBP or I'd be going nuts. Chris
  2. CE260

    Foxconn or Gigabyte

    Thanks! I've been leaning that way.
  3. It looks like my Gigabyte EP45-DS4P is on the way out. It takes a few goes at boot looping before displaying the memory details and booting into XP or Leopard. When it does the system stops responding with no power to the mouse or keyboard. Tried new ram and a new power supply and will go for a new Vid card next Friday. SO. If It is the board I'll be looking at buying a newone and deciding on what to buy to run a C2D 2.8 and 1066DDR2 ram upto 8 gig and support for atleast 6 sata drives. Any thoughts suggestions? Thanks Chris
  4. CE260

    LSI Logic MegaRAID SCSI 320-2E

    Anyone had any luck with this? I have an adaptec 29160n I use for connecting my DAT 72 autoloader but with no OSX support for adaptec cards I am looking at buying a iomega rev if I can't find a supported card. I don't want to give up using tape for archiving if I can and know of a good priced SCSI 320-2e. Thanks Chris
  5. Hi all, Running the latest build on a Macbook Pro model A1260. Working in 64bit but I haven't had a chance to really test them out. Just started them to make sure they run. AppZapper Avast Capture One Toast 9 MS Office word, excel, powerpoint and entourage Spyder pro 2 vlc split & concat Secondlife Retrospect client Realplayer Picturesque Pixelmator OnyX Macpar Firefox Episode DVD studio Pro Data Rescue II Lightroom Lightroom 2 Remote Desktop Connection Stuffit 12 Nikon Transfer Nikon ViewNX Nikon Capture NX Photoshop CS3 Adobe Reader 8 Adobe Extension Manager Bridge CS3 not working When trying to run: Apple Quadministrator nothing happens Apple Qmaster nothing happens Aperture crashes Paragon NTFS nothing happens Parallels 3 nothing happens Motion crashes Final Cut Pro crashes DivX Player crashes Compressor crashes Color Crashes Clamxav nothing happens I love the new trackpad settings. Can't wait til sept. Cheers Chris
  6. CE260

    deluxe galaga

    I use to love that game. My friends and I would play it for hours. What about Swiv? Anyone remember that. Thanks heaps for the link. Chris