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  1. Java Menu Help

    Hello, I am trying to make a program I wrote in my java class more "mac friendly". My problem is my accelerators only work when I pull down the JMenu the JMenuItem is in. I am running this in snow leopard with JavaSe-1.6 VM. They are working like mnemonics more than shortcuts.... Thanks a lot! about = new JMenuItem("About"); about.setAccelerator(KeyStroke.getKeyStroke(KeyEvent.VK_A((Toolkit.getDefaultToo lkit().getMenuShortcutMask())))); JMenu help = new JMenu("Help"); help.add(about);
  2. Nvidia Software

    I need help! I know this is sad but I had my hackintosh working 98% but I formatted my drive case sensitive so photoshop would not install. So...I reformated my drive but I forgot what software I used to get my PNY 8400 GS 512mb card to work... I have been looking all day but can not find it. It was not NVinject or NVkush. The website had a green template and the homepage said something like "because it's not NVinject" or something like that as a joke. The card worked 100% but only showed up as 256mb but there was instructions on the site to fix that. Also when it installed there was no options. It just installed and worked... I hope somebody can help me out! Thanks a lot