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  1. New MacBook = Yoga 3 pro Hackintosh

    So I checked my yoga, and the DVMT looks to be 128 according to windows (Dedicated Memory reads 128MB). This means I should be able to run without KP issues, however I will have to play around to get CI/QE working.
  2. New MacBook = Yoga 3 pro Hackintosh

    I used a friends mac to make the drive the first time. I don't have access to it now so I can't try and fix the drive.
  3. New MacBook = Yoga 3 pro Hackintosh

    ok. I see what I did wrong. I didn't install clover to the ESP, so the second EFI partition was never made. I will reinstall clover on this stick properly, since I made the USB drive with that guide(minus the properly doing clover)
  4. New MacBook = Yoga 3 pro Hackintosh

    trying it with the kexts now. Thank you!! I believe the new macbook launches April 10th, so 10.10.3 will likely launch before or around then. EDIT: Even with the other kexts, it still shuts the drive off during boot. sometimes it gives the forbidden symbol though. going to try one more thing before I remake the stick. EDIT: 2: what do you have in your drivers64 folder in clover? The only thing I'm doing different is that the clover stick is seperate from the yosemite stick.
  5. New MacBook = Yoga 3 pro Hackintosh

    I added the genericUSBXHCI kext to the clover kexts folder for 10.10, however im still running into a problem The apple logo comes up, the drive lights blink a few times, then all usb devices attached to the computer turn off.
  6. New MacBook = Yoga 3 pro Hackintosh

    What clover and UEFI settings are you using? I am just getting the "forbidden" circle with crossout. did you have a DSDT or any special kexts loaded into clover?
  7. New MacBook = Yoga 3 pro Hackintosh

    for the i2c trackpad, will the actual macbook use the same interface for its trackpad, or will we be at the mercy of having to develop a driver for it? this is more of a speculation, since we don't really know yet. I think I will take the plunge and install yosemite on my yoga. wouldn't expect this to be an issue, but does the fan still work? also, what about disabling the keyboard when in yoga modes? (which is useless right now because lack of touchscreen)
  8. Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro M-5Y71 Broadwell

    Apple announced the new MacBook with a core M 5Y70/5Y71 this means we should be able to get the Yoga 3 pro booting OS X. some guy seems to have already done it, with a few things not working. (theres another thread about it)
  9. New MacBook = Yoga 3 pro Hackintosh

    I would love this guide as well. I just thought about hackintoshing my Y3P today. What are you using for the EDID for your display?
  10. [GUIDE] OS X Lion on ThinkPad W520

    I have a 4270CTO That is having the sleep issues as well. My Specs i7-2760QM Quadro 2000M 16GB RAM. I followed the guide a few times, but the machine tries to go to sleep, the power LED ring blinks, then the machine shuts off.
  11. Introduce yourself

    Hi, my name is fullmetal, and I want to get OS X running onmy desktop.
  12. 4500m

    Ok, like I put in the description, there are many forums dedicated to this issue. Getting a .kext for the 4500m(intel 4 series graphics). There were some that brushed on writing or porting a driver. Say I wanted to port, where would I look to get started on this?
  13. Best Webcam?

    howd u get it to work, i have the camera, and it wont work, it just show up black. Edit: just in photobooth it doesnt work.
  14. BCM5906

    I see this hasnt been fixed yet, and I wish that i knew how to code so i could help, but id just like to bump this thread, and add myself to the list of those waiting. (i have a 3000 G530 with the BCM 5906). if i find a way to get it to work, ill let ya know.