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  1. Hello I have successfully installed ML 10.8.5 on a HP laptop, using [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] usb, + ##### easy install + adding kexts for laptop keyboard and mouse, fakesmc kext with plugins, ssdt for i5, and patched appleintelcpupowermangement.kext. I tried to investigate doing it with a dsdt, but did not have any luck getting anywhere in terms of patch's, and not entirely sure (yet) how to create it from scratch What works graphics full QE/CI keyboard and mouse onboard webcam onboard network (though i did notice it dropping my network drives and reconnecting, which requires more looking into) fn keys work apart from brightness what doesn't work Sound (but im pretty sure i can fix this, just have not got round to it yet) Wifi, probably will need a new card, though i will be using it as a desktop, so not so important Sleep, which is the annoying issue, It goes to sleep, but only for a second or two, and then wakes up again, in the console.app it either gives "usb Hub" which must be referring to an internal hub (logic board) or ethernet, as the reasons, I have disabled the ethernet for now, but it makes no difference. Does anyone have any ideas as to why sleep might be waking up straight away, any common causes?
  2. advantage of ATY_Init vs GE

    Hi, i have the same problem with my copy of aty_init kext, along with a patched ati4800controller in s/l/e for my device ID, and when i put my computer into sleep, and wake up i get a scrambled image, tried to follow your guide, but it results in the same issue I have a 4850 512 mb My device ID is 9442, any help would be much appreciated
  3. Mac OS X Lion (Developer Preview) Released

    hi, i have a asus p5b premium vista, and i have can not get my 1998b to work using dadt patching / patched apple hda and a Patched Fakesmc in lion (in snow leopard 1998bfix.kext also did not work), i specifically want optical dts pass through, Currently, i am using hdef patch and method dtgp (im not sure what this has to do with sound, but it was in a a post i found to do with 1998b) in my dsdt along with a patched apple hda, and a patched Fakesmc, but no matter what i do, I get no sound. The only way I have been able to get sound is using VooddoHDA, which is not perfect, I can only achieve stereo from my optical, which means no ac3/dts pass through, and I also get KP sometimes. also i see the config data seems to be different from your previously attached files, so im a bit confused on that front....if you could help me this would be much appreciated, as this is the last thing i need to make my hackintosh 100 percent, and its been irritating me for years now :{
  4. AD 1988B sound optical

    hey, thanks for the files and informtion, going to test it out now, just to let you know i saw you have a kext for your ethernet, not sure if it would interest you, but i have a line in my fakesmc which does that for me, not yet tested in dp4, but snow leopard works also can you confirm that your optical out works? so far in lion its not working, going to try snow leopard shortly! So I reinstalled Snow leopard on a spare disk, and updated to 10.6.7 (as on my main drive i run 10.6.8) all outputs showed in system profiler, and preferences, but did not seem to work, Does your optical work on your snow leopard install?
  5. AD 1988B sound optical

    Dear all, I am writing today, hoping there is someone out there that has my board and has solved the issue I am having, so to start with, My computer specifications are .... Asus P5b premium vista Quad core q6600 2.4 Ati 4500 8 gigabytes (2x4 sticks) Ide disk drive and a 10 000 rpm raptor (western digital) sata drive What Works....pretty much everything, sleep, speedstep, full graphics, ethernet (which i just enabled using fakesmc (before i was using a altered kext to achieve this) (easier to say what does not work....onboard Sound) I run a pretty vanilla system, but currently I am using Voodoohda 2.61, which is the newest version i can use, anything newer and the outputs are silent, I have been working for months on getting on board sound to work (in a more vanilla style), in other words i have been trying to achieve full core audio, so i can passthrough dts and ac3 tracks to my amp, so far all the guides i have followed, have been fairly fruitless, http://osx86.co/f57/guide-how-to-port-applehda-to-sl-t3981/ http://www.projectosx.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=465 http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=223205 http://osx86.co/f57/how-to-snow-leopard-re.../post30994.html the most i can achieve is audio outputs shown in system profile and system preferences (and midi) but they don't actually work..... I have attached my Dsdt that I am currently working on, if anyone has any experience with ad1988b or more specifically my motherboard, i could do with some helping hints my dsdt was auto patched for a p5b (but i had altered it first for sound) essentially 2 sections have been added by me and that HDEF under pci0 and DTGP and the bottom, this is used in conjunction with ad1988b.fix.kext thanks in advance Edit, for some reason its not allowing me to upload my dsdt file, apparently i am not permitted to upload this type of file!
  6. acer aspire x3810

    Hey, this is my first post on this site, i am trying to get osx snow leopard 10.6.6 to work on this machine, the specs are Dual core intel nvidia 310 4 gigs of ram 750 sata drive Everything works, graphics seems a bit sluggish, though it works, tested high def videos with it... my issue is, when i shut down, the hard drive turns off, screen as well, but the fans are still running, and i have to hold down to shut it off, does anyone else have this issue, with any machine and figured out what is the problem? thanks in advance....