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    Hackintosh on Dell Inspiron 1300 - How-To

    hey Malagutial, Thanks for that topic... was trying to do hack on my inspiron 1300 for the last 1,5 months and always something was not working. The last hack i had it working on was iPC - all working beautiful but no wireless nor sound. Following your instructions installing ToH RC2 I was surprised to notice my screen was working fine throughout the whole installation process. I've encountered a problem after finishing installation: - rebooted machine - started to ToH install DVD - run terminal (all went perfect) - restarted machine - got to account set up: > country > keyboard layout > weather I want to restore - I got stuck in here whatever I selected was getting back to the beginning asked to select country Found a way around that: - on the "do you want to restore" screen I've selected to restore from Time Machine backup - I had a backup done on iPC so I restored just an empty account from Time Machine backup run on iPC - and got to the account I did not have to install Video kernel as internal monitor was working fine. Already had AppleHDAPatcher as I was using it (unsuccessfully unfortunately) patched the sigmate txt file, restart machine - and here comes the sound !!!! for the first time on my hack inspiron many thanks for that. Only one thing not working - wireless in network preferences no LAN nor wireless available Could you please send me your Systems SystemConfiguration folder and kernel for wireless card: SystemConfiguration: Macintosh HD/System/Library/SystemConfiguration Kernel for wireless card would be in: Macintosh HD/System/Library/Extensions - unfortunately I dunno which one it is as my machine is missing it :/ Any kexts related to networking or wireless if you don't mind or maybe place a copy of your systemconfiguration and kxts on a server so that I could download. Thanks