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  1. Just curious if people have upgraded to 10.6.8 or even 10.7 and if there is any knowledge on the process. I have problems with my sound after each upgrade (currently on 10.6.7).
  2. Anyone upgrade to 10.6.6? Anyone upgrade to 10.6.6?
  3. Hi maleorderbride - my last post got lost somehow. Thanks for the help. Here's a copy of my Boot.plist with my device properties string, I have GraphicsEnabler set to yes, should I turn it off in yours? <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd"> <plist version="1.0"> <dict> <key>Kernel</key> <string>mach_kernel</string> <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string>arch=i386</string> <key>Timeout</key> <string>3</string> <key>Theme</key> <string>Default</string> <key>GraphicsEnabler</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>EthernetBuiltIn</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>RestartFix</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>DropSSDT</key> <string>yes</string> <key>device-properties</key> <string>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</string> <key>Graphics Mode</key> <string>1900x1200x32</string> </dict> </plist>
  4. Thanks for your patience and excellent response. One question about the fresh installs, can I install OVER my current install (keeping my docs and apps), or do I have to wipe the drive clean? Also, could I use everything in your package without a fresh install and just adding in my Boot.plist edits? I'm not sure how the Graphics stuff plays into it, I have GraphicsEnabler set to yes in my current one along with the device-properties string. I also have my stuff backed up to Time Machine, if I wipe out the disk and install fresh, can I restore most of the stuff with Time Machine (settings etc would be nice to keep as well) Thanks again, much appreciated.
  5. I was able to get back up and running by taking out one of my graphics cards and going to 4GB of RAM from 6GB, then booting into the install disk, using Terminal to replace the DSDT.aml and com.apple.Boot.plist with my previous files. I still have no sound, can someone point me to a good explanation of what AppleHDA stuff I need? The stuff in maleorderbride's ZIP file didn't work for me. I used to get sound out of Line Out on my machine, now none of the jacks have any audio (and I don't even always get a driver recognized for the audio). Do I have to use maleorderbride's DSDT (that's what messed up my machine) to use his audio drivers? Are there standard 10.6.5 AppleHDA kexts somewhere?
  6. I did this and seriously f'ed my machine. I have a custom device-properties config in my Boot.plist to support two graphics cards and a very early DSDT from nullspot I believe. First, I upgraded to 10.6.5. This was fine except I had no audio. I tried a few AppleHDA kexts that looked promising but none restored my audio (they made it so I had an audio driver (volume worked)) but no sound. I installed Chameleon 2RC5 and this DSDT and was still able to boot but without high res graphics, Quartz or CI. Then I tried to use your Boot.plist with my mod for the device-properties and I haven't been able to boot since. What are my options for reverting this? I have Time Machine but not sure if I can use it (I've tried booting with [url=&quot;http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/&quot;]#####[/url] into a MacOS SL Boot disk but it keeps crashing since it's reading the /Extra directory. When I removed the HD, it crashed with a No HPET error. Not sure WTF is going on but seems like things are more messed up than I would've imagined. Can I get a SATA enclosure and mount my HD into another OSX machine and try to repair the files there?
  7. Hey maleorderbride - where is the driver package? I'm using a DSDT from very early in the thread. I haven't tried a fresh install - sounds painful with all the media etc I have on my drive, perhaps I can do it on another disk and copy it over or is there a way to do installs without wiping the drive? Perhaps it's audio and not video, I think I'm using a very old Voodoo for audio. Thanks for the advice - yes, these things are easy to do but taking apart my machine is always a bit of a pain
  8. I'm still getting some stuttering in video playback which has been very frustrating. I'll be playing an AVI file and every 2 minutes or so the video and audio will just stop for a brief pause and then continue. I don't think it's anything to do with overheating or DPC latency, but no idea what else could be causing it. I haven't updated to 10.6.5 cause of the issues people were having, but I am running two video cards (not sure if that would cause any issues) Any ideas what else could be causing it?
  9. Does anyone have recomendations for keeping this motherboard cool? I have the rev 2.0 and the i7 930. I used to use the Corsair H50 which kept the CPU very cool but would cause my northbridge to overheat. I'm now back to the stock CPU cooling system and I've put a 40mm fan on my northbridge. All this cooling is kind of loud, which isn't a big deal for use but I keep it in my room and I like to be able to sleep with less noise. Any recommendations on how to keep this mobo cool?
  10. Snow Leopard Graphics Update 1.0

    I updated it for Starcraft 2 and even though I haven't had time to play a lot yet, I was able to load it in Ultra everything at 1920x1200 and it ran very smoothly (would not even run before without being super choppy). I'm concerned about what the other guy said about instability, I guess only way to find out is to go home tonight and play some. Will update if I see any issues - but so far, it looks great. Starcraft is definitely much more beautiful at Ultra than on normal. My rig is a 3 monitor setup so there is a custom graphics string, didn't seem to affect my computer's ability to boot with 3 monitors or load up QE/CI (only test I ran was to see if Flutter screensaver still worked). dave
  11. Glad to know the information was helpful. That problem drove me crazy for a while, I guess I haven't built a machine in so long I forgot about all those kinds of considerations. The machine's been running smoothly for over a week doing all kinds of things that I was afraid to do previously. It's my dream computer (3 monitor behemoth)! Really appreciate all the help here in building this. david
  12. So I went with the theory that it was the NB overheating and I did a few things: 1. Removed the Gigabyte blue plate from the NB, didn't really see it providing any benefit (maybe channeling air from the power supply more effectively, but also blocking air from the case side fan). 2. Reapplied TIM (thermal interface material for the uninitiated, which I was today) to the NB. Also, I noticed the NB is attached relatively loosely, I tightened it a bit. 3. Removed the Corsair H50 and put the stock intel fan back on. The stuttering ia gone and I don't get the red LED's on my NB indicator anymore, also, it's warm but touchable, whereas before it was scalding and I couldn't touch it for more than a second at best. Just wanted to put that here for those who may experience this problem in the future. Also the corsair h50 kept my CPU cooler, but at the cost of not cooling down the MOSFETs and the NB. Before I had a 37 degree CPU, 28 deg HD and now I have 47 CPU and 35 HD, but also much lower NB. I think optimally, I'd get some kind of water cooling solution for those things as well, but in the meantime I'm just going to use the stock Intel. Much louder, but I'd rather have some fan noise than an unstable machine. Also, it kind of drowns out the coil whine from the PSU Thanks again for all the advice. Remember, these boards get very hot and our current BIOS has some issues with DPC latency at higher NB temps (I know very little about what all this means, just what I read). Hope this will help someone some day.
  13. Since the RAM no longer uses the NB I'm assuming that means it should run much cooler? I was reading in other forums and it appears that the Gigabyte motherboard that we have exhibits this issue - in essence when the NB gets above a certain temperature, DPC latency shoots up as the BIOS tries to protect itself from overheating. Here's a post on the topic: http://forum.giga-byte.co.uk/index.php?topic=2166.0 I'm not overclocking nor have I adjusted the voltage settings - I really just want a stable build and don't need the power of this configuration much less overclocking it. I'm going to try the fan tonight, I think because I installed a H50 instead of a stock i7 fan, there's very little airflow going through the Northbridge. I've tried using each video card individually and it works (testing by rendering iMovies, watching 1080 flash, simultaneously) without any issue. My second card really runs quite hot so that may be an issue. The only other problem I really have is the PSU whine but I think that's a known issue with these mobos. david
  14. So in my everlasting quest to get rid of the video/audio choppiness and slowdowns, I'm exploring a new avenue of attack and I think it may be the Northbridge overheating during runtime causing video and audio hiccuping. I used to work at AMD and it occurred to me that the NB is all about connecting video/RAM/CPU together, and I'm guessing they put a bunch of the peripherals like audio in there (or atleast going through there). When I put my finger on it, it definitely feels VERY hot and I've read elsewhere this board is known to have a very hot NB. I don't think the temperatures in iStat are correct, cause it was showing me 37 in iStat but in BIOS it was saying 60 degrees C. One other reason I think this could be the reason is that I'm not using the stock i7 cooler, I put in a Corsair H50 which keeps the CPU cool but doesn't provide any airflow for the other components. I'm guessing the NB on my board (the GA-X58A-UD3R which doesn't have a NB fan) is designed to have some kind of active cooling around it to work. So a few questions: - Would an overheating NB cause these kinds of hiccups (video/audio choppiness mainly) - Does anyone have any good recommendations on cooling this besides reseating and putting new thermal paste as well as putting in the i7 stock cooling back in? - Would running two video cards (not in SLI) cause this kind of problem? Is there some configuration of seating the cards that I don't know about that could help? I have my 9800GT in PCIE 16x1 and my 9800GTX+ in PCIE 16x2, if I just sat them in the 8x1 and 8x2 would that make them run cooler? I don't need 3d performance, just good enough to watch videos really.
  15. Hey guys - I'm having some very strange problems and would appreciate any advice in terms of how to fix it, or how to at least better diagnose the issue. Here's my build: Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R Rev 2.0 (FA Bios) EVGA 9800GTX 512 MB EVGA 9800GT 512 MB 6GB RAM I'm using most of the fixes from this thread and I've recently put the 0.2.2 VoodooHDA kext in my /E/E folder. However, every now and then I'll get some pretty serious audio distortion (it sounds like my CPU can't keep up with playing the audio). It'll crackle and pop and skip. Sometimes, video/Flash will also have problems when this happens. I'm not exactly sure what causes it (Time Machine, USB Webcam, Skype don't seem to have a direct correlation with causing it). No meters are going crazy (in iStat) like HD use, network, CPU, memory - everything seems pretty calm. I've also removed the AppleUserUpstream kext to fix the jumpy mouse problem. I used the Kakewalk 2.2 SL disk method to install.