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  1. Started with 10.6.2, installed kext's and DSDT from this thread back from like page 18 (thanks so much you guys), and everything was working perfectly after reboot, everything worked. I'm also dual-booting with Windows 7. In the process of updating to 10.6.8 right now..
  2. Dell 14z (no optical drive) Dual-booting with Win7 FINALLY got 10.6.2 running with everything working except for WiFi (not really easy for me because I don't have access to a mac and no external DVD drive). It's recognized but won't turn on. I've tried deleting the network interface and re-installing, deleting it and restarting, running the diagnostics to get IT to turn it on, but nothing's working. It's a Dell 1397 adapter, VID 4315. I have bluetooth, video, keyboard, mouse pad, all working, only thing I'm not sure on yet is audio because I haven't tried it yet. Any ideas?
  3. Dell 14z, broadcom 4315, 10.6.2, installed the broadcom package and ran the script, restarted a few times but it's not showing up at all. Any ideas?
  4. I put SL on my 10v about two years ago but now I have a Dell 14z (no optical drive) and am trying to put SL 10.6 on it. I have put the SL 10.6.0 DVD onto a 8GB thumb drive and have another thumb drive that I intend to use as a boot loader to get the install started. I even have a zip file with all the kexts and other info I'd need to get OS X working properly once it's installed. My issue is I can't get the OS X installer to start. I can get Darwin to load and I choose "Mac Install DVD" but all I get is a grey screen I've been using NBI_083F.img. btw, I don't have a Mac either. Trying to start this process all through Windows.
  5. I have a 10v that I successfully setup a dual boot on using the Chameleon boot loader to let me choose between OS X and Windows 7 at boot up, but now I want to sell the laptop and return it back to the stock Windows XP OS before I do. I used the WinSetupfromUSB utility to get Windows installed on a bootable USB stick, but when my computer boots up it immediately loads the Chameleon boot loader and no matter what I do I can't get it to boot from the USB. I want to format the drive and just install the Dell XP disc on it and be done with it. Help!
  6. I am on my Dell 10v right now with Mac 10.6. Runs fantastic. Install was easy. But, if it won't install on my computer running a RAID 0 setup, then I'm going to forget about it all together. A little update - after buying and installing a SATA DVD drive, I was able to boot up a 10.5.2 leopard disc and get to the disk utility window where it does not see my two drives as one, only as two seperate drives, so it's not gonna work, unfortunately. Haven't tried it yet, I'll look into it.
  7. I've tried almost everything.. bought a retail 10.6 disc, CANNOT get it to start installing. No matter what I do, I can't get past the grey screen with the Apple on it. With one boot up method I get a 'cancel' symbol on the Apple icon, or the Apple icon is left alone but I get a spinning wheel below it that eventually stops moving and the system freezes. Hardware: RAID 0 pair of drives P35-DS3R rev. 1, bios F13 ATi 4870 512mb About to just give up. I want to dual boot with windows too, it's installed already on the first partition, I've saved the second partition for SL. I looked into patching a dsdt file or whatever it's called but it's just way beyond me.
  8. I'm having a problem getting SL to start the install process. My current setup: GA-P35-DS3R ATi 4870 HD 512mb dual 250gb drives running RAID 0 I just got 10.6.2 running perfectly on my Dell Mini 10v dual booting with Windows 7. I re-formatted this computer's drive to have two partitions, I installed Windows 7 on one, it's up and running fine. I burned the 1.06 bootloader to disc, I get the boot screen, throw in my 10.6 retail disc that I bought, it begins with the grey screen and spinning wheel below the apple, then I get a tiny cancel logo over the apple. If I remember right that means there is a hardware compatibility problem. Screen shot - I did read about how people that have ATi cards needs to go to that guy's blog but I'm confused about how to add that file to the boot disc I burned so that the installer sees and can run my 4870. The file I download just contains a file called "boot". The boot disc ISO image contains a file called "cdboot" do I just replace that with the "boot" file?
  9. ATI Radeon HD pkg installers 10.5.x & 10.6

    I'd REALLY REALLY like a driver of some kind for my 3450 Mobility