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  1. Black Screen at boot

    i made some progress.. i hooked up another monitor to the laptop, my desktop's 20" asus, and i could see the screen, after i changed the resolution to one that my laptop could display, it still was messy(black bars all over), also, it did not identify dell's keykoard so i had to hook up another one..
  2. just installed leo from a kalyway dvd on my dell 1520(x3100, 2gbram) and the instalation was all fine.. when i boot up the os, i get the spinning apple splash and then for a second a blue screen, no text, a moment right after that, the screen becomes black.. any suggestions?
  3. Safe Mode.

    I have figured out from some post that I can boot it up with: -x "Graphics Mode"="1024x768x32@85"
  4. Safe Mode.

    Well, after I have accidently selected a resolution my display can't handle, I can't use the OS at all, is there any way(May be Darwin bootloader) to boot to safe mode?
  5. nvidia and mac question

    MacVidia supports dual-view?
  6. Well, I'm happy i made my Mac OS X run but now I have a problem configuring a connection to the internet, it just don't have "Built-in Ethernet", as my ISP's tutorial says. Another thing is, I would like to know where i can get drivers for my hardware (like GPU = nVidia and Sound Card = SoundMAX, (Network Card?) ).
  7. I'm having difficulty to boot up my OS X with GRUB, it boots SuSE and Win fine but for OS X i get HFS+ error. Can someone suggest a solution?
  8. Memory Question

    The other question is how possible is to install Linux and Mac OS X if I already have WinXP(w/o losing it and being able to boot it up), If it is not what should I install first if a format the whole HDD.
  9. Memory Question

    I meant, that if I still be having my windows, but selection menu won't have it, how would I add it(not on GRUB, but on the thing I have on a blank PC), another issue is should I start from a scrap and install all my OS's it is OK to leave my current OS(WinXP).
  10. Memory Question

    Fake filesystem means that it will just run via VMWare and physical means it will be bootable on startup(=native?)? Excuse my noobishness, one more thing, if I will still be having windows on HDD but it won't show on the selection menu, what will I have to do, and can I add later a Linux and boot Mac OSX via GRUB?
  11. Memory Question

    Would be wiser to install the OS's the old way? and, I don't understand VMW too well, if i install OS X unto drive D: next time I restart my box, i can boot it too?
  12. Is it possible to run 2 or 3 operating systems using VMWare at the same time with just 512RAM?
  13. Some questions.

    Another question concerning me is how OS X deals with multi-screen setups.
  14. Some questions.

    I won't be lucky enough to get an answer? /*Sorry for having to do a double.*/
  15. Some questions.

    Well i hadn't yet tried to install Mac OS X yet and i would like to know a few things first, Will my box run Mac OS X(and what version), an is it possible to get Mac OS X running on a computer with WinXP installed w/o losing it. My specs are(most i remember): Motherboard: Asus P4S800D MB SiS 655FX CPU: Intel Pentium 4 Prescott HT 2.80GHz (unoverclocked, supports MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3) RAM: 512 DDR HD: 120GB with 2 partitions(one for WinXP(12GB), the other for other stuff(~180GB)) GPU: nVidia gForce 5200FX I know that there are guides but im getting confused becouse there are so much, and i don't understand which one i need. Thanks in advance for bothering to help me.