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  1. Here you go, this is my current ESP for aw15r3 aw15r3_ESP 2018-0228-00.zip
  2. maybe you can check this out (https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/forums/topic/323010-please-help-me-fix-brightness-control-nvidia-graphics-only-laptop/)
  3. If you are referring to those updates, I find them necessary. For aw17r4, you need to customized SSDT-UIAC.aml matches your USB ports, I find the rest seem to be the same across aw13/15/17 except for g-sync model using nvidia driver is a must.
  4. Sorry I can't upload either, maybe the upgrade still in progress but I'll re-post later. For the brightness you can try shades for osx but is not a good solution. you can check out this thread (https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/forums/topic/323010-please-help-me-fix-brightness-control-nvidia-graphics-only-laptop/) I will try to fix the brightness when time permit.
  5. My systems need to wake up via power button too, same as in windows 10 ? I had the same issue also and understand it due to quick-sync not working on iGPU , will keep you posted if I have any advances.
  6. Alienware 15 R3 (G-SYNC 1070) with OS X 10.12.6 ESP Update 2018-0228-00 Changes: * Fix reboot when shutting down with USB hub or device connected. * Wifi patch to Global (#a), I travel a lot. aw15r3_ESP 2018-0228-00.zip
  7. The file posted here are for running serria but it should work with installation also ( i done it before).
  8. On Serria, try installing with cpus=1, nv_disable=1 and maxmem=4096 kernel boot flag. I continued using this flags until all driver are in. In my case for all aw13/15/17 series they need VoodooTSCSync.kext else KP when you remove cpus=1. I have not try HS yet but successful install had been reported.
  9. Oops ! VoodooTscSync.kext cancellation was a mistake, I still need it. I think all the remaining issues can be resolve, just need more system expert help and time. Time is something I am lacking due to work, just got back yesterday. In my case aw15r3 VDADecoderChecker test failed likely due IGPU initialization, so I think changing to my dsdt & ssdt is not going to help, also the dsdt is pretty much standard, all patches are now done on the fly. I also believe brightness on aw15r3 G-SYNC model can be fix, (http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/323010-please-help-me-fix-brightness-control-nvidia-graphics-only-laptop/) I just do not have the skill and knowledge to comprehend their solution. I'll try again later. Thanks for sharing your experience, I 'll be posting my lastest aw13r3 ESP soon with some minor bug fix
  10. I am still not able to get brightness slider to show, is there anything else I should look at ? I am using macbookpro14,3 in smbios, had tried iMac14,2 to not avail. Thank You ! Laptop: Dell Alienware 15 r3, i7-7700HQ/Intel Kaby Lake rev. 05, BIOS 1.0.9, Intel® HD Graphics 630/ NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (1920x1080) G-SYNC Panel 16GB RAM, Clover UEFI aw15r3_CLOVER 2018-0114.zip aw15r3.ioreg.zip
  11. Thanks ! one question, for Alienware 15 R3 G-Sync model where the video output (LCD Panel/HDMI/Mini Display Ports) are physically connected to the output of the discrete Nvidia GPU, bypassing the Intel GPU totally will have no hope using HDMI audio, correct ? Attached are the snapshots of DPCIManager output from aw15GS. I will upload aw13 series when is offline. Thanks !
  12. I think B0D4 to HDAU is not going to help with HDMI audio. As I understand in my case (Alienware 2017 Kaby Lake series), HDMI audio is tie to Nvidia GPU, verified in windows 10 and HDMI/Mini Display port are direct physical port of Nvidia GPU . Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks !
  13. Still no slider. Meanwhile i will check if there is any conflict in config.plist and acpi aml file . Will report any new outcome. Thanks !
  14. Still no slider bar. Will check further and report back, Thanks ! aw15r3_ioreg 2018-0110-01.zip