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  1. it is seems aqc-108 on my asrock z270 supercarrier did not work after inject kext patch in clover config.plist,even i open info.plist in AppleEthernetAquantiaAqtion.kext and found out the aqc 108 did in this list. <key>IONameMatch</key> <array> <string>pci1d6a,1</string> <string>pci1d6a,d107</string> <string>pci1d6a,7b1</string> <string>pci1d6a,80b1</string> <string>pci1d6a,87b1</string> <string>pci1d6a,88b1</string> <string>pci1d6a,89b1</string> <string>pci1d6a,91b1</string> <string>pci1d6a,92b1</string> </array> <key>ForceKextsToLoad</key> <array> <string>/System/Library/Extensions/tn40xx.kext</string> <string>/System/Library/Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleEthernetAquantiaAqtion.kext</string> <key>KextsToPatch</key> </array> <dict> <key>Disabled</key> <false/> <key>Find</key> <data> YnVpbHQtaW4= </data> <key>InfoPlistPatch</key> <false/> <key>Name</key> <string>AppleEthernetAquantiaAqtion</string> <key>Replace</key> <data> YmJiYmJiYmI= </data> </dict> i have no clue but asking for help ,if any other necessory info anyone need,plz ask me ,i will provide them as i could to help.
  2. afrojewelz

    Broadcom BCM4322 a/b/g/n on Lion

    Hi,i guess i am with your same situation here ,mine laptop is HP Probook 4230 with Ralink Wifi BT3 Combind adapter,which until now i could not find any WhiteList Remover for my Laptop BIOS,my intent was replace the Wifi adpater as well as BCM4322,but here i see your post that make my replacement uncertain. why HP notebook has somany limitations!
  3. from its official PDF,its has Macintosh Supported written,but i can't find Mac Drivers Download in it's official website:ralinktech it is likely the adapter combine the wifi & the bluetooth function while bluetooth running well in Lion,is there a possible get Ralink 3592 Wifi adapter functional?
  4. afrojewelz

    Idiots Install Guide To OSX(distro) and GTX480

    nice done wit GTX480 I m goin to install wit mah GTX460 for final try,other wise ,i swap it wit a GTX285 for sake