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  1. hi I have a PC running mac that has been running remarkable for over a year now. The only problem I have is that the graphics are stuck at 1024x768 with no QE or CI support. I picked up an EVGA GeForce 7900 GS for $3 from a yardsale today. I tested it under windows and it works great. My question is, will it work to fix my display in my OSx86 machine? Can anyone point me to a tutorial or explain to me what I need to do to get it to work? Thanks!
  2. Ok, done, Thanks! New issue. THe Prefpane is only seeing the HDMI audio from my video card. Is there an easy fix for this?
  3. I installed iAtkosL2 and my sound worked out of the box with the VoodooHDA option. Problem is the annoying static and his I get when playing audio or video. I have found fixes from searching the forums but, I have no Voodoo prefpane to make adjustments. How do I remedy this?
  4. Hardware Check please :)

    Finally got a chance to install this and low and behold, kernel panic. Now how do I remove this so I dont ahve to completely reinstall Lion?
  5. Hardware Check please :)

    Thanks! I'll give that a try right now.
  6. Hardware Check please :)

    I'll do a site search to see what I can find Any chance you have a link? lol Thanks yet again! P.S. I'm VERY impressed how Lion runs on this system. I expected some lag but everything is snappy. Now I need to see how it runs Warcraft , lol.
  7. According to the board specs, 888 should be toe correct one. But, I've tried a few different 888 kexts and packages from here and none ever work. I get no output devices at all. Keep in mind I am quite new to the Hackintosh world so i may just be doing something wrong. Is there a good download link for the right driver and maybe a writeup to get it working properly? Thanks again!
  8. I have no idea what revision. How do I tell? Actually, the motherboard says Rev 1.0 on it. Does it make much of a difference? So I can just use the software update?
  9. Hardware Check please :)

    I've got everything installed and working except for my sound.
  10. I just finished installing SL and everything is running great. My Nvidia GT210 is displaying in the proper resolution and as far as I can tell, CI/QE are working. Wired ethernet works and I was able to get wireless with a USB adapter I had lying around. The only thing I cant get working is the sound. I have tried the instructions on SEVERAL different tutorials for the GA-G41M-ES2L with no luck. I have searched and tried the suggestions on may different posts as well. I just cant seem to get it going. Can anyone help me get this done? I plan to use this hackintosh for audio/video editiong and no sound is an issue, lol. Next, I am currently at version 10.6.3. How can I upgrade without messing my instal up? Thanks!
  11. Hardware Check please :)

    Thanks! I appreciate the quck answers! Now I just need to find drivers for everything
  12. Hardware Check please :)

    Decided to drop it to just 4GB of RAM because the 16 was needed elsewhere. Is this going to make a big difference?
  13. Here's my setup: Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L Motherboard Intel E6500 Dual Core CPU 16GB Kingston DDR2 Nvidia Geforce 210 GPU OCZ Vertex II SSD I have a retail copy of Lion right from the Apple Store. Is there anything else I might need or that I need to change? Thanks!
  14. ATi Radeon HD 6770

    First off, I know I cannot make this card work properly without first flashing the cards firmware. That is not an option for me at the moment. But, is there anyway I can at least set it to display in a resolution other than 1024x760? I really need 1440x900. Thanks!
  15. I was able to get SL installed but not Lion. I am stuck in 1024x768 resolution tho. Can anyone give me more info on flashing the firmware for the hd 6770? Will it make future driver updates for the 6770 incompatible and will it ruin the performance when gaming in windows? Thanks for all the answers so far!