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    Hackintosh on Dell Inspiron 1300 - How-To

    Yeah, if you follow this guide exactly, it will work. You need the ToH RC2 disk though Alex
  2. malagutial

    Quartz extreme with intel GMA900?

    Do a clean install to remove the risk of any driver clashing. When reinstalled download a copy of kext helper and install the attached kexts. Reboot and you've got full quartz extreme!!! Enjoy Alex ElliottAppleIntelGMA950LegacyEnabler.kext.zip AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext.zip
  3. malagutial

    OSx86 10.4.1 on Dell Inspiron 1300

    I have a sound fix :-) Download the latest applehda patcher app. Drag the app onto your desktop Download the attached text file (it is a codec dump for the sigmatel stac9200 audio) Drag it onto the Applehda patcher icon. Type your password, wait for it to finish and reboot. Enjoy! Alex Stac9200_h.txt
  4. malagutial

    Hackintosh on Dell Inspiron 1300 - How-To

    Ok, wifi... I've attached my systemconfiguration folder (compressed) but the extensions folder is massive. Could you specify which Kexts you want from my extensions? Alex For the screen fix you need to install the attached kexts using Kexthelper <--- do a google search. If this doesn't fix the problem then there is probably a driver clash. Backup your data and do a clean install. When installed, the first thing you do should be to install the Kexts with kexthelper, then fix audio and then set up your other apps. I got lan working with the Intel Pro 100VE ethernet driver. Do a google search as I don't have a copy. Hope it helps, Alex SystemConfiguration.zip ElliottAppleIntelGMA950LegacyEnabler.kext.zip AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext.zip
  5. malagutial

    Hackintosh vs Native Mac OS X

    Hi, Strangely I have similar spec to you, same processor, similar motherboard and the same RAM. The only difference is my video card which is a 1gb Nvidia 9500GT. To speed up, after installing applications try repairing disk permissions from disk utility. Also, go to system profiler and see if the system is detecting both of your processing cores. A lot of people have had this problem and it can significantly slow your system down as some of the processor's operation rely on multi-core processing. Alex
  6. malagutial

    Hackintosh on Dell Inspiron 1300 - How-To

    Haha, great to help :-) To be honest, I don't know if snow leopard will work with yours. In terms of hardware power I don't think that it requires much more, and my friends have told me that it is absolutely no different to 10.5.8 so if you can get that update it would be good. The problems i'm having now are that loads of my applications crash unexpectedly. Garageband, Logic, Imovie, System Profiler all crash when I use them and I can't work out how I could fix them... I'm going to try using a different Kernel but i'm going to need to do some more research first. I've only been hackintoshing for a few weeks, and i'm only 14 :-) So i'm pretty pleased with where i am now. If you want to get snow leopard working, have a look around the forums a bit more, i'm sure you'll find something there. Alex
  7. malagutial

    Hackintosh on Dell Inspiron 1300 - How-To

    Ok, i'll try and help but a couple of questions. This guide is for Dell inspiron 1300 so ensure you've got similar specs. Where does it hang? When booting off the disk, or from the hard drive after install? Also, when you installed did you use the -f -x -v commands? In answer to your question; you must disable all customization offers before installing, if you enable any you are likely to fail. Keep messaging, we'll get it sorted. Alex
  8. Hi everyone, I'm a newbie to the Hackintosh world, but I have spent so much time on this, I would like to make it easier for others. Partition your hard drives appropriately, if you have XP installed on one then a dual boot is incredibly easy. Just google a guide on how to do this as it is a generic process. Start off by downloading the TOH RC2 version of Mac OSX 10.5. This can be found on your favourite torrent site and insure that it is the "intel" version that you are downloading. Next, find a single layer DVD-R/RW and burn the ISO file. IMPORTANT - MAKE SURE TO SELECT THE LOWEST POSSIBLE BURN SPEED AS OTHERWISE YOUR DISK WILL FAIL THE DISK CHECK. IMPORTANT - BEFORE YOU INSTALL MAC OSX FROM THE TOH DISK, MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE YOUR MAC CONNECTED TO A SEPARATE MONITOR VIA VGA FOR THE WHOLE INSTALLATION, WITHOUT THIS ADJUSTMENT YOUR INSTALL WILL HANG ON A BLUE SCREEN AND YOU WON'T GET YOUR BEAUTIFUL HACKINTOSH. When you turn on your Inspiron 1300, keep tapping F12 as you boot. This will open a one time boot loader. Insert your TOH RC2 DVD and select your DVD drive to boot from. When the CD is booting you will get an option to boot, or to press F8 to specify startup options. Keep tapping F8 and when you get the chance, type the following: -F -X -V and press enter. Wait for the magical lines of scrolling text to complete their work. You will get many "suchandsuch failed" and "somethingorother error" lines but just ignore them, it's not a Mac, so don't expect it to act exactly like one under the hood. If you've accurately followed the instructions above the installer should start and the boot screen should appear. Select your language and then wait the the taskbar at the top to launch. When it has, click on utilities and open "disk manager". Select your disk from down the side of the window. Then from the drop down box in the middle of the window change the format to "mac os extended (journaled)" and click erase. Make a note of the name of your installation drive as it will be important later. Quit the disk manager and follow the installer. When you get to the final screen just before you click "install" click "configure" and deselect all the options available. Now press install and let it do its magic... When the installation is complete, reboot the computer and leave the disk in the drive. Re-load the Mac installer and click on utilities when you get the chance. Select "terminal" from the menu and load it. Type the following code: /usr/misc/script.sh VoLuMeNaMe The volumename is the name of the Disk you have installed Mac OSX onto. This is case sensitive, so type it wrong and nothing will happen. When this is finish press CTRL+D and then restart the computer, this time without the disk. You will still need to keep the extra screen attached because we haven't patched the drivers yet. Mac OSX should boot now, and if you tap F8 on boot you should get an option to boot your previous operating system, XP works perfectly as I am on a dual boot whilst writing this :-) When it's booted play around with it for a bit and then get on with the driver fix. You need to download the program "Kexthelper" from www.cheetha.net. This installs the .kext files that we need for the Quartz Extreme graphics. Download the two .kexts from the links on this post (thanks to mercurysquad for his tutorial): http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=141549 Install kexthelper and open it. Drag and drop the two files you downloaded into the program and press "easy install". Type your password and wait. It should be successful and if so, reboot your hackintosh. IMPORTANT - YOU MUST PROPERLY REBOOT BY PRESSING THE APPLE LOGO IN THE TOP LEFT OF THE SCREEN AND SELECTING RESTART. IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS YOU WILL HAVE GREAT PROBLEMS BOOTING. You will get a message saying it must edit something (can't remember now) and just press ok. When it turns off, remove the other screen and turn it on. It should now work with no jumper and full quartz extreme. To fix the sound you must download a copy of AppleHDA patcher 1.20. Do a google search and you'll find it in 5 mins or so. Download and install the program, and drag the installed program icon onto your desktop. Now download the file attached to this post (Sigmatel9200.TXT) and save it to your desktop. Now drag the text file onto the AppleHDA patcher icon and it should begin to patch it. Insert your password when prompted and wait for it to finish. When done, restart your hackintosh PROPERLY BY CLICKING THE APPLE BUTTON IN THE TOP LEFT AND SELECTING RESTART. It will give you another message and reboot, when it reboots, your sound card will be detected and you can configure it from system preferences. That's pretty much it! If you need any more help then message me and i'll try to lend a hand. I spent ages working this out (forgive me if its newbish but i'm only 14) and would like to save others the time and hassle. ENJOY YOUR DELL HACKINTOSH!!! Alex Beyond-reason-band.110mb.com Sigmatel9200.txt Sigmatel9200.txt