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  1. The Ultimate Web Browser

    I just switched to opera 10.5 beta, it rock solid, extremely fast and syncs all my bookmarks, search history and other things automatically between my 6 computers running linux, xp, vista and osx. So far I've ditched firefox, chrome, and camino altogether.
  2. eMachines EZ1601 All-in-one

    I bought one with the expectation of installing snow leopard on it and everything I tried failed miserably. I would say this one is no go.
  3. I'm going to file a bug report with the mozilla people and see if they can fix it for the next 3.0 release. Thanks for the help rollcage.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion, the file doesn't get corrupted when I send the files ziped. Wonder what the issue is. By the way, if I try to drop a pages file to the send mail subsection, it won't accept it, I have to open it using the attach file command. Thanks for the help!
  5. Been using mail since 10.5.0, 10.5.1 and now 10.5.2, it has a bug on my system which doesn't let it connect to any smtp server. In order to fix it I have to delete the account information and start entering it again and again. Then after a while it will connect again as if nothing ever happened. I like mail but this bug is really annoying specially when I depend on time sensitive emails. Maybe I should just use both of them. Mail for sending .pages files and thunderbird for the rest. Any sugestions? Velayo. (BTW My native language isn't english, so bear with me if my writing sounds vague) Macbook white 1.88 ghz C2D 2gb ram currently runing 10.5.2
  6. I've been trying thunderbird. Because for the 3rd time, after upgrading to Leopard, Mail magically stops logging to my smtp servers. Thunderbird works great except for corrupting .pages files when sent as attachments. The receiver will get a message that says the .pages file is not a valid .pages file. Any suggestions? I like how thunderbird works and would like to keep it, but I use Pages for all wordprocessing in the office. Thanks, Velayo
  7. Transmission 1.0 Released

    Mine crashed the first time around, had to force quit it. Ever since I've been downloading lots of stuff with no problems. I haven't noticed any wait for shutting down, but I never shut down my macbook. Running on 10.5.1 on Macbook 1.83 C2D. I think they have gotten it to the point where it replaces utorrent.
  8. FUsion seems to be faster on my Macbook C2D and I use it. But I like Parallels coherence implementation better.
  9. New MacBooks

    Agreed. My only gripe with my macbook C2D is the lack of dvd, and dvd dl recording. Other than that, I think an upgrade to my hack is in order a new mobo with the x1300 will be a welcome addition. Before everybody says how much they suck, I love the 0 complications I get everytime I install my hack with the 950 (I game on my 360, wii, and other stuff).
  10. PuNk Re-UnIted

    Labeling is a natural human condition, therefore I label.
  11. Leopard leaked!

    Thanks for the tip!!! Yeepee!
  12. I have the same problem with vmware and crossover, would like to know an answer.
  13. PuNk Re-UnIted

    The CLASH? punk??? I consider the Clash as pop, nothing like gbh or sex pistols, too commercial imo. Great to know there are more punks around! Anarchy!
  14. Ubuntu 7.10 finally released!

    Tried the RC on my Macbook and it works perfectly for the most part. The only thing that didn´t work was the wireless. Hope they included newer madwifi´s drivers with this release.
  15. Please help as this is driving me crazy!! I'm trying to convert leopard build 5a599 to a single layer dvd as the title says and haven't been able to get it to work. I'm deleting the xcode from the optionals menu, Deleting printer drivers and language driver, BUt everytime I try to install on a Mac Book C2D 1.83 I get the message that some files needed are missing. I have made sure that there is none of the missing parts checked in the customize menu. Thanks, ~velayo