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  1. Lenovo B570

    The B940 does not have the intel HD3000 but rather the HD 2000. That HD 2000 is not found in macs, and does not work well/if at all for a hackintosh. Update to 10.7.4 Today Things are looking good. I haven't found any issues yet. Remember to reinstall important kexts as mentioned in this thread to avoid a KP. I had to reinstall the wifi kext as well. I am using the one Gokul mentioned eariler.
  2. Lenovo B570

    I am new here, but have been helped by so many I will try and answer a few questions. I use DSDTSE to edit the DSDT files. It is tricky at first as you have to convert it .dml then back to .aml, but the program is very nice. Not normal at all, unless your battery is dying. I notice you have the i3-2330m. Try the SSDT files I uploaded above. I get 3-4 hours, streaming music, typing, surfing. I don't think this touchpad supports more than two fingers at a time. Mine doesn't. Sounds like power management issues. Try the SSDT,mentioned above, and the power management kexts recommended on this thread.
  3. Lenovo B570

    Here are the SSDT tables for the i3-2330m. SSDT i3-2330m.zip I do not know how to compile them, but they seem to be working just fine as multiple files in the "Extra" folder. Make sure to edit the org.chameleon.bootlist.plist. You can add the lines of code: <key>DropSSDT</key> <string>Yes</string> Or you can use a graphical interface, such as Chameleon Wizard, if you are worried about editing your file manually.
  4. Lenovo B570

    I had lines in video, and an artifact here and there. Lenovo B570 i3 2330m. Gokul's new FakeSMC 4.2 fixed it. Thank you. It would not boot without removing IntelCPUMonitor.kext either. I tried to help out with the memory card reader, but cannot find a method that works. Everything else works great.