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  1. hi Guys. Just been reading this guide and it all seems quite complex... Could someone help me compile a DSDT for my board? Its a x58a-ud5 with i7 930.. Would like to have the power management stuff and am using the mpkg method to install atm. Anyone willing to give me a hand? Will happily make donation
  2. Hi Guys.. My hackintosh is unhappy.. Get the grey boot with the cart wheel, then the blue screen, then blue screen with cart wheel and it just loops with the blue screen cart wheel... Have tried verbose mode boot, but boot as normal and when it gets to the blue screen I just have a flashing under score Any ideas?
  3. Hi Guys Any help on getting an Nvidia Quadro Fx4500 x2 working under this install? When I install the card, i get the mac loading screen... but then a blue screen. the blue screens change to different shades, but nothing ever happens beyond that... Have jot found any ROMS for this card to make it work in mac os. if it is not possible, could someone recommend a quad dual link DVI solution that will work in mac os?
  4. My System is running well this side.. I have one issue though... and it comes in the form of what I think to be a memory leak.. When I boot my system, before I open any apps (apart from activity monitor) I have +600MB inactive system memory... Leaving it for the day, it can raise to over 1GB inactive.. Right now, I am running limewire, folx, chrome(6 Windows, 50 Tabs) and system memory looks like this; Free - 665.5 MB Wired - 727 MB Active - 2.29 GB Inactive - 2.35 GB Used - 5.35 GB VM Size - 184.42 GB Page ins - 2.14 GB Page outs - 2.5 MB Swap used - 5 MB Total RAM - 6 GB Do these numbers look ok? Also I have not made the break to 10.6.3... any other X58A-UD5 users have anything to report of some advice on doing the update?
  5. Wow, Awesome system man I have ordered that H50 and am going to wait for it to arrive before I clock higher that 3.36Ghz. Reason being I am idling at around 70 degrees C at the moment. Does that seem hot for 3.36Ghz? Or is it related to that power management thing? System specs below; LIAN LI PC-V1000z - Black Intel Core i7 930 @ 3.36Ghz - Stock cooler 3 x 2GB Kingston HyperX DDRIII-1600 250GB Mac Pro HDD 160GB Windows 7 HDD 400GB Media HDD 1500GB Time Machine Backups HDD 2TB Media Server LP HDD ENGA 8800GTX - 768MB 3 x Lite-on DVD writers Zalman HP-750 Heat pipe cooler PSU Samsung Syncmaster B2430 24" LCD Samsung Syncmaster 226bw 22" LCD Has anyone with the x58a-UD5 applied the 10.6.3 update? Lastly, I see you are running an SSD. Would you say that it is worth the money? It is obviously a major contributor to your system performance and the time app's take to start up.. Thinking about getting one, but here in South Africa stuff like that is so expensive maybe I will wait for the SATAIII SSD drives to come out
  6. Sounds awesome. Will try that today. What cooler you using? And what you use in SL to monitor temps? iStat? My overall Xbench MArk is 163.24 , not so happy I think... Break down of that is: CPU Test - 196 Thread test - 1018 Memory test - 451 Quartz Graphics test - 293 Open GL Graphics test - 113 User interface test - 420 Disk test 50 I have nothing to compare these too, but they do seem low if you are scoring 535.. Was that overall score?
  7. So I have sorted out all problems, including the issue of beng unable to boot from the 3.5" HDD. here how for other users that may experience the problem with the x58a-ud5 board. I disabled the following in the BIOS: CPU Enhanced Halt CPU C3/C6/C7 State Support I also used the CD method as apposed to the USB method and I now have analogue audio + 10.6.2 update, with no messing around with files or kexts, just works!!! Thank you all. one question I have regarding audio.... Getting 5.1 working and digital audio out... Anyone have a trick to getting that working? BTW I have overclocked the i7 930 to 3.4Ghz, no sweat.. As a reference @ stock 2.8Ghz, did cinemark multiple cpu rendering in 1 minute and a CB +-13000 score.. Now overclocked to 3.4Ghz, did the same rendering in 46 seconds with a CB 17765 score. Which is just short on a 25% improvement.. not bad for a one time bios entry overclock? Only thing I have to get sorted is my Kingston DDRIII 1600 hyper X RAM is running @ 1280Mhz.....
  8. Good Day I am running the same board. Have you got sound and updated to 10.6.2?
  9. So as per your advice, I installed the 10.6.2 combo update and now when my system boots I get the grey screen thing that says I need to restart my pc... Please could someone help?
  10. I am glad to see that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel... I ran the same x58a-ud7 and it would appear that I have no audio I have not installed the 10.6.2 update though. Did your audio work before installing the update? If so could you post you kexts?
  11. I have to agree with you... and yet here I sit with a working SL hack that was only possible by using a 2.5" Sata drive I connected a 3.5" drive back up while using a separate PSU and reboot still occurs, so the PSU is not the problem I am running out of options here.... My thought now is that it may be the SATA controller or something?
  12. I did try that.. No luck.. I then went ahead and disabled all unnecessary things in the BIOS. Tried the installer again and same result At this point I popped my W7 32Bit disc in and got to the installer and it did its thing, but after system restart, when the Windows booting GUI is present the system reboots... Same as on the Kakewalk installer... Upon starting the system in safe Mode I noted the system freezes/restarts on the disk.sys driver. This confirms my suspicion about it being a disc problem. I had a thought that it may be the PSU, but according to the following link " http://support.asus.com/PowerSupplyCalcula...SLanguage=en-us " My system is only using 550W of the 750W available... Despite this I changed the Graphics card for a smaller and power sipping Geforce 7300GS. With that config it should be using 350W So I try boot with this config and same result as before in both Windows and Mac.. This is not looking good so far.. at this point it is point it is close to midnight so I decide to call it a day... Then early this morning I quickly run through what I have done and all the outcomes so far and I decide that the next step is to change the HDD. So I swop the 160GB Samsung drive for a 250GB Seagate.. Also note that both HDD's appear to be working 100% as I can copy files both to and from them in a Ubuntu Live Environment. The new HDD yields the same sad results as before..... Now I only have one other HDD that is empty. Its a 80GB 2.5" drive from a laptop upgrade I did a while back. I install the drive, boot the system up into the Kakewalk installer. I select my language, and go though all the required pages... Next thing I know the HDD is ticking away and the installer estimates that in 31 Minutes time I will have a new Hackintosh.. and it was right! I came back 30 minutes later and I have the a SL environment waiting for me to tell it my name, language and a couple other random pieces of info.. So I am glad this is sorted... Wat has got me puzzled though is why the 2.5" drive worked while the 3.5" drive does not??? The only thing I can think of is that the 3.5" drive is using more power and for some reason the 12V rail in my psu that provides it with power is not doing its job so well.. I will test this later by using an external power source on a 3.5" drive and report back....
  13. So all my new tech arrived today... below is what I got/have Gigabyte X58A-UD5 Intel Core i7 930 @ 2.8Ghz 3 x 2GB Kingston DDRIII-1600 HyperX RAM DIMMS 1 x 160GB Samsung HDD Nvidia 8800GTX Zalman HP-750 750W PSU So I whipped the above together, ran all the bios config stuff and checked all was well. Then I live booted into Ubuntu and did some file copying to another HDD I then followed the instructions that accompany the USB method download and before I knew it I was in a Mac OS "live install session" being asked what my language of choice is. Shortly after my 160GB HDD was formatted and ready to go. I entered the installer, selected the HDD to install, was presented with a status bar which below informed me that there was 31 minutes remaining and then BAMMM!! BLACK SCREEN, COMPUTER RESET and back to square one... How after visually monitoring the system closely just before the time it resets, up until the time it resets I notice that the black screen occurs exactly when the HDD is accessed for the first time by the installer (little HDD activity light on the front blinks for the first time since installer starts and machine is reset) This leads me to believe that the problem is occurring between the sata controller and the HDD. Would this be a reasonable assumption? Could it be that this motherboard came with the addition of the SATAIII-6GBPS controller? Should I be using the X58A-UD7 installer instead? While I leave the above issue to float around in your minds, I shall disable the SataIII controller though the BIOS and see if it makes a difference. Is there anything else I can disable in the BIOS to try and resolve this issue? I will also in the meantime try installing W7 so that it can be determines whether the problem lies with the Kakewalk install, my hardware setup or my ignorance/stupidity in overlooking something small. Thank you in advance for your thoughts and ideas
  14. So I am going to bite the bullet and get the X58a-UD5. I would like to know if anyone is working dual screen here with success and beyond that, anyone been able to run dual card with quad screens? if so, using what cards? I currently have an 8800GTX that I will use for starters, but will wanna get something new soon.. so looking for suggestions
  15. Wow this project has come on so amazingly... One thing I am not finding clear... Will the disc work on the EX58A-UD5, even though the older EX58A-UD5 is listed on the supported models list, the difference being the EX58A has 24 phase power and USB 3.0 and SataIII hoping someone can clarify