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  1. Hey Guys, I'm reading your Board for a while as I am not building my first Hackintosh right now and love your Attitude to help newbies, that's why I registered here. I recently bought a Laptop by the brand "Medion" which has good specs, close to MBP9,1 (i7 3610QM, HD4000+GT650M, 8GB 1666 Hynix RAM). But its Board is noname and if I understood the whole thing right I should not need a DSDT.aml if my Laptop supports EFI, and it has AMI APTIO which is kind of UEFI compliant. Now the whole thing works quite well but I cannot achieve to run my GT 650M properly. Of course I'm booting with GE=No. Then it's hanging somewhere after Kepler Kext NVDAGK100HAL was loaded. I am not aware of anything else I should do in ML.2 because the Kepler Drivers are built in. I tried in another installation the CUDA .37 directly form NVIDIA drivers but no success as well. Now I'm at a clean MyHack Install, before I tried the ###### method. Only bootable in Safe Mode. I guess it is because of the built-in HD4000 which I cannot deactivate due to the lack of a BIOS. System Profiler sees both Cards, but the HD4000 only as a shared memory Adapter. I also tried to change the SMBIOS to MBP9,1 but that's not working as well, I think SMBIOS changes need more than just this (I remember a tool called lizard for creating those files - is there anything comparable somewhere or can we now just change the Identifier as we like without creating proper s/n and stuff?) Would it be better for me to install CloverEFI? I'm very curious and always wanted to try it, but finally you are the pros so I just wanted to hear if you would suggest it only for testing purposes or if one already can work with it - specially when using a no-name-board. Find attached my specs, exported from AIDA64 Thanks so much in advance for any answers that could help me. Jonas BTW. Its no ASUS Board, but I tried the PCIRootUID Fix as well without success. Report.htm