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  1. It depends on which card you have. The Intel cards are notorious for not working; people have better luck with the Dell Wireless (often Broadcom) cards. There's a number of posts in this thread about this issue.
  2. Yes. In your /Extra/com.apple.boot.plist, you need a key of 'Timeout' with a string value of however many seconds you want to delay.
  3. Well, I am borrowing my wife's D620 this week for a conference (her machine has a working battery - my D820 does not). Luckily, hers has the DW1390 card and the NVidia card as well. I swapped hard drives and prayed.... And everything worked out perfectly. Been using the 620 with no issues at all. It's pretty alright. I may not give it back!! So here's a question for you guys - did we ever get to the point where sleep works with the 620? Anyone with the same config as I've got (DW1390, NVS110M, blah blah) have any success with it?
  4. [GUIDE] Dell Latitude E6410

    Interesting. Could be because of Chameleon?
  5. [GUIDE] Dell Latitude E6410

    Well, if it doesn't tank in 1 hour, then I'd say it ain't too bad and I can live with that. That kind of sucks about the video. I like the fact that the D-Port has DVI (the laptop doesn't - wuh?) so it's nice for a quick drop-in and a desktop is made. I guess that since none of the necessary ports for the E6410 are on the back (other than wired ethernet amirite?) I could always just remember to plug in the DisplayPort to hook up the other monitor. Fair enough. I'd have to do that anyways with an MBP. I already plug in the audio cables manually with the D820. Part of my thought is that I had budgeted damn near $2000, but I can do a comparable/corner-cut system for $1200. In theory (actually, thanks Newegg for reasonable pricing) I could put together a decent i7 machine for $900-1000. Whether or not my wife would let that happen is anyone's guess That's fine - I'm just fine without it. Gotten quite used to not using it in the past six months. Yeah that pretty much is garbage. Henge makes a "dock" but it's an elaborate cable management system for $60. That's OK. Pass. The DW1490 that's in my D820 works great - doesn't do 802.11n, but if I need that much bandwidth I'm going wired. I'm used to it. You can get that card for around $15 bucks, but it's Mini PCI-E - don't know enough about the E6410 to know if that would fit in it. I'm not a laptop nuts & bolts guy. I'll do some more research. NBR has some good threads for reading about the machine. Thanks again...
  6. [GUIDE] Dell Latitude E6410

    Excellent guide, and excellent work. I've been looking to buy a new laptop here in the upcoming weeks and have gotten very close to buying one of the Core i5 MBPs but I'm having a nagging problem spending $2000 when I can get comparable hardware from Dell for a fraction of the price. I also have a problem with the fact that the 13" MBPs don't have either an upgraded screen option (1280x800? What year is this?) nor an i5 option. I've been using a D820 for the past three years and it's served me well, but it's time to upgrade. Started looking at the 6410's this morning, and had a few questions for you regarding your config and your experience: 1. You said you were having issues with graphics when the screensaver kicks in when using QE/CI, but beyond that, you didn't mention if you had any issues that some other folks do with ... say, sleep/shutdown/restart. How's that working out for you? 2. Battery life - realistic times? 3. Which wireless card did you end up with? There's five options (the Dell 1501, Dell 1520, Intel Centrino 6200 or 6250 or 6300) so I'm wondering if there's one that will have a little better luck out of the box than waiting for someone to write some drivers. 4. Tried with one of the E-Port replicators? I've been successfully using the D-Port devices for my D-Series (everything works on that except for the audio from either the 1/8" or the coax digital) and it's a very nice to have. 5. Almost wonder if it's worth it to stick with the Intel HD Graphics option as opposed to getting the upgraded NVidia card - is the MBP using the same graphics config? Will have to do more research. I don't do any gaming - everything I do is audio, so I don't need fancy video and I don't use Front Row now. Thanks!
  7. Well, when someone puts together stupid simple instructions (or at least instructions for technical professionals who aren't exactly hardware ins-and-outs gurus but catch on to most regular stuff quickly as long as the instructions are written clearly and explain what's going on and why) on how to do this for a D820 with the 110M ... I'm in.
  8. Here's what's going on there - it's actually seeing your laptop's display and the external display as two separate displays, and the laptop display is the primary, with your menu bar and all the stuff. Your external display has nothing on it, so it gives you a stock blue background. What you want to do in that instance is, with the machine docked, open the display on your laptop, navigate to the Display Preferences control panel, and in the Arrangement tab, click "Mirror Displays." That will get you set up the way you want. I had the same thing.
  9. I did. I can't explain this, man. I seriously have no idea. I had actually typed this whole response earlier and thought I had posted but apparently not. Maybe it's a difference of our motherboards between the 620 and 820. If you want to compare Dell p/n's from your system configuration, we can do that. Don't know. Grasping at straws. Also, re the DVD player: be glad the thing just crashes for you. In 64-bit 10.6.2 on my machine, the thing hangs the machine completely. Not even polite enough for the error I had in 32-bit mode, and definitely not nice enough for a KP. Already got VLC handled to bring up DVDs just to make sure I don't go and bust my machine randomly when trying to pacify the kid. I'd forgotten about that shared memory bit. My bad.
  10. May have been an option. I think on my wife's 620 with the 110M, it showed 256MB (and that's with NVidia drivers, straight from Dell)
  11. OK, so are you ready for crazy? Remember how I was telling you I could only get the VoodooHDA.kext to work in 64-bit mode if it was in /S/L/E? Believe me, I'd done the rebuild_mkext in /Extra so many times to verify, but ... nothing going. Moved it to /S/L/E - boom, sound. Still, trackpad didn't work - so I thought, .. moved VoodooPS2*.kext from /E/E to /S/L/E (the ones that were came off the D620SLV1.iso) - and they now work in 64-bit. Even the stick works - granted, it's too sensitive off the bat to be useful. Trackpad is juuuuuust fine. Trust me, I ran the rebuild_mkext command a bunch of times, but these only act like they want to work right in /S/L/E in 64-bit mode. In 32-bit, they don't care - /E/E is fine. 10.6.2 64-bit mode is nice so far - my Xbench scores are higher No KPs yet, but I'm on the lookout.
  12. Alright, so I tried to go 64-bit. Hit and miss, really. Sound crapped out, so I went to the new VoodooHDA.kext on their website. Had to put it in /S/L/E to get it to work. After that, kosher - no issues. Next problem was that the trackpad wasn't working. Keyboard was, but the trackpad wasn't. So I got the newest VoodooPS2Controller from their website - again, didn't work in /E/E but I put it in /S/L/E and it worked - .... sort of. Trackpad was way too sensitive. I couldn't manage to get their preference panel working right (it wouldn't recognize everything right) so I couldn't manage to change the sensitivity through that. I found some post where some other person fixed it through manually changing some of the parameters. Of course, I put that on my machine - and all hell breaks loose So back to i386 with the old box of kexts for me. I did add the VoodooPower and AppleACPIThermal kexts to /E/E but neither are showing up in System Profiler under Extensions (VoodooHDA is). I'm no expert (yet, I used to be pretty strong with System 7 - am I showing my age?) but does that only show what's in /S/L/E?
  13. Believe it or not, I'm up to 10.6.2 this morning, and things still look relatively kosher to me. I am reporting now as a GeForce Go 7300, but it all looks right. DVD player doesn't work, sure, but a higher power than me made VLC for a reason anyways. No big loss, I'll continue. I have (and am right this moment, can attest it works on my D820 - my wife probably won't let me tinker on her D620 ). Used the method earlier (while docked go into BIOS, set to use laptop onboard video when docked, not dock video). I actually did this earlier this year when the machine would shut down any time I tried to reencode something with Handbrake. Got a whole bunch of dust out, and it did help, but this thing just naturally is a hot mother. I'll check out those kexts and see how that works out. I'm really happy for you and Imma let you finish, but man, I got a kid, a minivan and a couple D-series machines because they aren't sleek hipster calling cards. My minivan also has Kraftwerk in the rear-entertainment system because my 18 month old gets pissed when he has to look at Baby Einstein. The minivan ain't the problem, man. Just sayin'
  14. Hey guys, just checking in. Been lurking for a few days now. Great thread, and great work to everyone, especially leppy700m. I really appreciate your work. This has been far more helpful than other threads on other boards I've looked at. So, here's where things stand with me: I've got a D820 with the 2 GHz 7200, NVidia Quadro NVS 110M (128 MB), Broadcom (DW1490), the rest of the usuals. Got (most) everything working right in 10.6.0 32-bit mode with the help of leppy700m's post-install stuff (QE/CI, sound, keyboard and trackpad, wireless - even the wired ethernet looks like it wants to work - but I haven't tried it yet) - with notable exceptions of sleep and display turn-off when the lid's shut. Tried 64-bit mode, but sound acted like it didn't want to work, so back to 32 I went. I haven't done any DSDT patching or put any EFI strings in my com.apple.boot.plist. I haven't tried on battery power yet - I've got one dead battery and another defective one I've just returned (should get one here soon, hopefully it will work!) Couple things I wanted to ask/state: 1. I got heat/fan issues. This thing runs hot, and always has. Doesn't matter what OS. In Windows I used to run SpeedFan or I8KFANGUI to keep the thing running cooler. Anyone have any experience with heat abatement with this from an OSX standpoint? Sleep would be nice for this. 2. I'm having ... some luck with the docking station (PR01X, you might call it a d/port). Anyone tried this with either 10.5.x or 10.6.x and want to enlighten me? a) In BIOS I set it to use the laptop's video card as opposed to the onboard on the dock, and had to boot up once with the lid open to enable mirroring. But, I think when the lid's closed, the display still may come on (need verification) so I've turned down the brightness (it's only a black screen, but still). No sound through the docking station - have to plug speakers into the headphone jack on the side of the laptop instead of the docking station's 1/8" jack. c) I haven't tried Ethernet on the docking station yet but ... I will likely soon - need to install some CAT-6 drops in the house since it's getting cooler and 802.11g just doesn't cut it. 3. Errors when installing software, it whines about not being plugged in. Even if it is - just on regular adapter and also on the dock. Regardless of my gripes or whatever, I've been fairly happy with the results. Has anyone with a similar config to mine gone up to 10.6.2? Your experiences?