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  1. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    ph0en1xs - i want BlackOSx 10.6.2 in biiiiig resolution (1920x1080) please
  2. 10.6.3 Released !

    On my hardware update with no problems Only AppleHDA.kext must be replaced by version from 10.6.2
  3. Working Driver Realtek 8187 (Snow Leopard)

    is this kext will work with 8187L?
  4. The MSI Thread

    on my Noctua NH-U12P SE2 (900 rpm) i have in stress 55-59
  5. The MSI Thread

    This is screenshots from my bios: http://szkielkoioko.xsk.pl/moje-ustawienia...-snow-leoparda/
  6. The MSI Thread

    ok, no problem tonight after work i get screenshots from my bios settings and post it on my page.
  7. The MSI Thread

    On my P55-GD65 Core i5 is work with 3,8Ghz Everything is stable and veeery fast My Geekbench score is over 10000. Thymallus - I am glad that I could help Chameleon RC4 is stock version (today I write new post with new versions dsdt, boot (Recursor RC4_V2 version) and extra folder - http://szkielkoioko.xsk.pl/nowa-wersja-dsd...h-msi-p55-gd65/
  8. The MSI Thread

    Try on my page szkielkoioko This tutorial is in polish language, but you can use google translate to translate to english or another languages
  9. remove fireware section from dsdt and fireware will work normal - i have problems with my dv camera (adobe premiere doesn't see and tell device offline), after remove firewire section from dsdt all will be ok.
  10. hmm strange... when i using value 1281 it shows Quad-Core Intel Xeon, when change to 1537 it shows unknown... why? maybe because ma core i5 is overclocked?
  11. ryan - dsdt from tony's database is not from me. i don't now who make it, but she/he do very good job
  12. Try my bootcd from my page. I have this same motherboard and create bootcd (cdboot from chamaleon 2 rc4) with dsdt and kexts for ours mobo. You kernel panic is from bad dsdt.
  13. I have same mobo as you and very big problems with audio. What version legacyhda you use? Do you work on dsdt to msi p55-gd65 from tonymac's page? What version AppleHDA do you use? 10.6.2 AppleHDA, or the one from 10.6.0/1?
  14. Don't work This my HDEF dsdt and audio. Maybe someone look at this and try help. And part of my kernel log: In /Extra/Extensions i have only: Evoreboot, fakesmc, jmicronata, legacyhda, platformuuid
  15. Great It's work, and my 8800gt works without efi string but..audio don't work. Voodoohda is ok, but HdaEnabler and LegacyHDA don't work I have SL 10.6.2.. any ideas? Thanks