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  1. That's so f$$$$ frustrating. Lion was working like a charm yesternight, this morning I was Making my coffee, went back from the kitchen, Pc went to sleep and wouldn't wake. I reboot, KP! Wtf? Idk what's someone like me, who makes over $7500 a month doing here really. Wasting my precious time on a miserable piece of garbage that we like to call a hackIntosh. I'm such a cheap wretched loser. I'm done with this. I'll just order the real deal from the apple store manhattan. Not worth the time and stress. Thanks for everyone who tried to help, some people here are really amazing. I wish you guys all the best. EOM
  2. Because I don't wanna take a risk and get a KP. Then I'll have to waste 100's of of hours trying to figure out a solution, and I'll be left with no computer practically. SL is the only working OS I have on my machine. What about this Gringo: It's a diff. method than the famous [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] + Xmove. I walked thru the tutorial step by step. managed to install successfully then rebooted, but I'm stuck at a KP (appleintelcpupowermanagement).. I've gotten to the boot process as far as "DSMOS has arrived" msg and then nothing happens. You can type anything, the keyboard is working but can't get past that stage. Id love to hear your opinion on this. Best,
  3. And if so, could you please provide me with the correct tutorial? I've been following this tutorial with no success: after following every step and rebooting from install drive, Am having the "This version of Mac OS X 10.7 cannot be installed on this computer". Can you please elaborate? Best,
  4. 10.6.2 Sleep Problem

    Yes Napalm I'm using Sleepenabler.kext, the recent snow leopard version by Netkas I tested with your DSDT, I also installed Evoreboot together with Sleepenabler, they're both in Extra folder now, and I fixed permissions. 1- Amazingly the computer is now able to shut down (It used to restart instead) 2- The computer is waking up from screen saver mode. I couldn't get it to wake before. 3- the sleep button is working! the computer sleeps like a baby, all fans turn off. Previously only Screen would turn black whilst fans are running. The only problem now is waking the computer from Sleep, When I use keyboard or Power button, the fans turn on, but screen is still black! I think we're getting very close to fixing it. What do you say? Waiting for further instructions from you. here is a printscreen of my extra folder: http://img695.imageshack.us/img695/214/shotu.png Peace!
  5. 10.6.2 Sleep Problem

    thanks for the suggestion. I did what you told me, and I got a KP after deleting NullCPUPowerManagement.kext, the kind of Kernel Panic that grays out your screen with a warning message displayed in multiple languages.. so I had to restore it and fix permissions again. Please find below my dsdt.aml Thanks a lot! Cheers http://www.mediafire.com/file/ejmdxkomk3j/dsdt.aml
  6. 10.6.2 Sleep Problem

    Thanks for the suggestion, I did try it. No significant change, except that Leopard wouldn't boot now, SL was booting normally. So I had to revert to the older one, by installing Chameleon RC3 on top on the previous one, in both partitions. Other suggestions? Cheers!!
  7. OK briefly, I did a clean Snow Leopard install using their upgrade CD, then upgraded to 10.6.2 thru Apple website. Audio fixed with AppleHDA and HDAenabler kexts Internet fixed instantly DSDT patched to fix the annoying bug that resets CMOS to default settings. Smooth. PROBLEM: 1- Say I leave my desktop ON for 10 minutes to the kitchen to fix a cup of coffee, I return with display in sleep mode, and computer is running, again same problem, can't wake up with mouse or keyboard, or even with clicking Power button. 2- when you click on Sleep button, only the display blacks out but fans still run and LED is still on, Wake up is impossible past that stage, unless with Power Button, then I get a KP 3- sometimes when I click Shut Down, the computer instead restarts, sometimes it works. Inconsistency. Attempt to Solve: I've tried the new netkas 10.6.2 Sleepenabler, Evoreboot, and OSXrestart, repaired permissions and all, but to no avail. They all failed to solve Sleep problem. Help is much appreciated and rewarded. Thanks! A few printscreens that might come in handy: http://img716.imageshack.us/img716/9864/sc...100223at814.png http://img109.imageshack.us/img109/4037/sc...100223at815.png
  8. thanks delphinus87! I'll try to do that tonight.. right after I get back from work.. because honestly.. I do actually feel that SL is running perfectly for me.. there is no need to keep the older leopard partition.. I like to keep things simple on my computer, besides the face that leopard is interfering sometimes.. creating some sort of conflict.. especially when using search features and spotlight.
  9. did you try to delete it from the Extra/Extensions folder and then flushing the kext cache again?
  10. it's the same drive dude.. Different partitions. Thanks
  11. So Now that I have successfully updated my snow leopard to version 10.6.2, by using normal software update, I'm no longer using Leopard on my other partition. My question is, can the removal of old Leopard be harmful in any respect? I'm mostly concrned because chameleon 2.0 RC3 is still booting from Leopard partition. I then get the option of either selecting Leopard or SL on boot. NB: I have chameleon installed on both partitions. But for some reason it still thinks of Leopard as primary, even after I edited apple.com.boot.plist and set disk partition to (0,2) Any insights or useful links About the subject are highly appreciated! Thx!!
  12. magic mouse doesn't scroll

    thanks a lot sticmac your hint gave me something to start with. I think that any OSX older than 10.5.8 will not be able to run the scroll feature. that's what they say on Apple website, 10.5.8 is the minimum requirement to run their update. I guess I need to update or install SL. thanks again for your swift reply Cheers/
  13. Guys I think I need your help here.. just got Apple's aluminium wireless keyboard and magic mouse paired with my IPC osx86 10.5.6 i'm using the DBT-120 D-link, everything seems to be working perfect.. except for mouse scroll wheel :s anyone had this problem before and managed to solve it? any help is dearly appreciated..
  14. you have a record of 221 posts, and still cannot figure where to put your smbios.plist? this is a bad joke Pet1
  15. This is one hell of a bad tutorial. I'm sorry, but I guess you vainly invested all the effort. There are far better and easier methods for installing snow leopard osx on the net. It took me less than 25 minutes to finish a clean install, while I bet it took you no less than 25 days to get to this point. and second, you don't need a previous installation of Leopard in order to install Snow Leopard. My advice to all newbies on this forum is to do more googling, I would have provided you with two wonderful links, unfortunately it's against the forum's rules. I don't know if this tutorial is deprecated, again I value all the effort put, but that's not a nice method to install SL on a PC, not in the 21st century, sorry. Cheers