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  1. Through numerous trials and errors, I finally got Snow running flawlessly with sound, internet, and restart on my E520 (Pentium D dual core processor 2.8 ghz, Phoenix BIOS, Intel G965 express family chipset with an X3000 integrated graphics card, Windows XP Media Center edition). Although I followed wmarsh's guide to the letter, and got SL installed successfully on SATA1/MBR partition, it would not actually boot. I would hang at the gray Apple screen. I wasn't getting the "waiting for root device" error or the 'no-smoking' sign. In fact I did not even get the glowing circle to indicate it was loading. I used -v several times to see what was happening, but 4/5 of the time it was just loading HFS+ files, and in the final 1/5, the screen would move too fast to read anything. After that, I would get a black screen. The longest I waited was around 45 minutes before I had to manually restart my computer. I used Stevo's X3000 kexts from here for my graphics card, along with the voodoo kernel posted earlier by dr.vox to finally get it to boot! Since many e520 models (particularly the older ones) have similar specs to mine, I really wanted to post this to help anyone out that might be having this same problem. A great side effect from the kexts is that now I can get my actual resolution (1280x1024) to work with the "Graphics Mode"="x" command. Sleep and restart, also mentioned by Stevo, works perfectly for my machine as well. I have restarted around 30+ times, and it only crashed once while booting up. Now, sound, internet, and restart/sleep are all working. Unfortunately, SATA access is pretty slow; I tried using an external HDD to back up my Snow partition overnight using Disc Utility, but the program stalled and crashed. :/ I found a good guide for compiling your own DSDT here (in the same forum where Blkhockey posted to a few pages back). I'll try and see if I can work on it over the weekend. Since I have not replaced or upgraded any hardware for my E520, I think I can share my DSDT after it is compiled with a small number of E520 users with the same hardware as mine. But all in all, after running SL for about 20 hours with numerous restarts, application installs, and general playing-around, I can safely say that everything is stable and working. Happy holidays, indeed.
  2. Dell e520 ICH8R Retail Snow Leopard Install

    Thanks for the guide! I have a Dell Dimension E520, with an ICH8R SATA that has both Auto/ATA and Raid On options, AND a core processor. (whoo hoo!) I have a question, though: Will I be able to dual boot with my already-installed Windows XP? Or will I need to reinstall after SL has been installed? Heck, is running XP (via dual boot) even possible after this SL installation?