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  1. yeah, i hacked up an SPDIF dongle to connect to the SPDIF header on my board to test whether there is digital audio being output from the board before it gets to the video card. I confirmed that I was getting sound from the SPDIF header in OS X, it was just being stopped at the video card. ( i know there is nothing wrong with the cable as it works perfect in Windows.) After scrutinising the manual for my TV, it says in plain english that HDMI audio is down-mixed before being output from the TV. The TV tuner doesn't suffer from the same shortcoming fortunately. I quote page 5 of the manual for my Samsung LA40A650: ({censored} me off)
  2. Hmm. I have had the same experiences with Windows and the SPDIF passthrough as you guys (works totally fine) but I have to say I have never had it working in OS X. It might pay to have another look at my install. In the mean time I bit the bullet and bought an optical cable as with my current home theatre setup I cant get anything other than stereo sound out of HDMI. My HDMI cable is connecting directly to my Samsung LCD as I don't have an HDMI amp. My TV down-mixes all HDMI audio to stereo before passing it out to my amp via the optical out. Can you believe that {censored}! Its a really common thing for TVs to do too. Pissed me off royally. More expensive panels that weren't in my price range don't do it. Sony for example. *sigh* It would be great if someone can isolate the code difference that is now preventing the HDMI passthrough from working for you guys.
  3. As I mentioned in my earlier posts in this thread, there is a software switch in the NVIDIA drivers that enables the SPDIF passthrough, that to my knowledge still has not been written or enabled in OS X yet. Sure, you will need the HDMI adaptor to get the digital output from the card once its enabled but the problem everyone that has an SPDIF passthrough cable on their NVIDIA cards has is the current inability to allow the input from the SPDIF cable to passthrough the video card and out the DVI/HDMI port. Being able to software enable this switch on our cards is the key. Im sounding like a broken record. I have said the same thing three times in three different ways in this post alone, not to mention the other posts that I have made. I don't think I'm being hard to understand.
  4. there may be hope for us yet, as the newly launched Macbook Pros are rumored to support HDMI audio out via the Mini Display port. If this is true then its only a matter of time for that feature to make its way to OSx86
  5. Yeah as long as you read your manuals carefully for connecting the pass-through and get the right DVI to HDMI cable/adaptor for your video card. If HDMI audio works fine in Windows you know you have everything right for when support comes to Hackintosh community for HDMI audio.
  6. are you saying your 5770 works with sound in OS X?? I know they work in Windows but I didnt think they had the drivers in OS X to work like that yet.
  7. CDROM Drive Problems

    im having the same problem. see my post elsewhere. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...97&st=1620# Have you searched elsewhere for a fix too?
  8. Hi folks. I have been following this thread closely over the last few days trying to get my onboard NIC working with Bonjour also as I have/had the same issues as a lot of others. I am using a 32bit kernel and have not had any luck with any of the fixes except for Sonotone's fix, and even then it stops working after a few hours. If I open up a terminal session and type 'ifconfig' it shows both 'PROMISC,SIMPLEX' as part of the status for en0. I didn't think you could have both, it was one or the other? Is this possibly part of the problem? I do not have VMWARE installed and I do not have any special kexts loaded either, just a DSDT file for my EX58-UD5 and the Sonotone fix. Thanks folks.
  9. I have not researched the video driver side of things yet for OS X to see if there is a patch to enable to audio pass-through on NVIDIA cards but I have done some testing and have found that NVIDIA cards need to have the audio pass-through option enabled in their drivers or it doesn't pass through. I have my Hackintosh hooked up to my LCD TV via DVI to HDMI (which works great in Windows) and did some testing to see if there was audio coming through the pass through cable in Mac OS X, which there was. Meaning the NVIDIA card was stopping the audio passing through. I can only assume the reason it doesn't work and there is currently no facility in the drivers for it is because there isn't a genuine Mac Pro video card on the market with HDMI out. We just need someone with the means to write some code to get this working in the drivers.
  10. I work in a PC store and we sell a lot of high end/game systems. Steer clear of the OCZ 12GB kit on this mobo unless you want to shell out for a RAM cooler also. These OCZ kits arent stable at 1600Mhz unless you use a RAM cooler in my experience. The Corsair 12GB kits have been the best with the UD5 I have found, plus its a LOT easier to get the Corsair RAM working as it has XMP and the OCZ does not. I hope this helps.
  11. hey all. I pretty much got my 10.6.2 install almost perfect but I still have a few little issues. I was hoping I could find out if anyone else was having them too. I am getting frequent DVD drive seeking/polling sounds coming from my DVD drive. It sounds like its checking for a disc in the drive and the intervals vary from lest than minute and anywhere up to 5 or more. I also haven't been able to resolve the Bonjour/AFP issue with my system satisfactorily as Sonotone's fix from another thread seems to stop working for me after a few hours. Has anyone else had these issues or better yet fixed them? I haven't been able to find an answer searching here. Thx.
  12. I haven't read through this thread fully but I have the same problem with digital audio output from my video card via my DVI to HDMI cable. I have done some tests to verify where the problem lies and thought it helpful to post my results as some of the people posting seemed to me to be making some erroneous assumptions about how the audio works in this situation. I hacked together an SPDIF header for the 2 pin internal header to test if it outputs sound at the same time as the external ones and can confirm that it does indeed output sound together with the external ones. I had a suspicion that the video card drivers weren't passing through the sound as in Windows in the NVIDIA Control Panel there is an option for video output with or without audio. There appears to be a way to switch the audio pass through on/off via software that the OS X drivers don't allow. I would assume this is because there are no official Mac Pro NVIDIA cards with HDMI onboard and hence a requirement for this in Mac OS X. Using my hacked SPDIF header I was able to test sound output from both the external and internal SPDIF outputs at the same time and can confirm that the problem lies with the NVIDIA card and its drivers. I was able to get sound from internal connector when it wasnt connected to the video card, so I can only assume the video card and its drivers are stopping the sound from being passed through via HDMI. I dont know about anyone else but modifying drivers to get this to work is definitely not my bag. Is anyone else here capable of this sort of thing? Does it help that NVIDIA has some open source drivers?
  13. Can't find airport extreme in utility

    im having the same problem also. I have two other genuine Macbooks on the network that don't have the same problems. Airport utility cant find my Airport Extreme Base Station or my Airport Express. iTunes can find my Airtunes Speakers. I can ping and use 'Configure Other' to access both of them so it seems to me like its a Bonjour issue to me. I tried downloading Bonjour Browser to see if they show up and they dont on my Hack Pro. Has any one else had any luck with this? Why would Bonjour not be working for these devices only? Or is Apple getting wise and stopping their other hardware from talking to suspicious 'Apple' computers?