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  1. SpeedStepper (now supports Mountain Lion 10.8.3)

    Hi, I know I'm a little bit off topic here, but I'm facing a problem that some of you might have already had... My laptop is a Hp dv6, with i7 2630, 6go of ram, ati 6770m 2go & intel HD3000. I have managed to install lion 10.7.2 and run speedstepper 1072. I works fine, I am able to boot with AICPUPM and without NullCpuPowerManagement. The problem is that when I try to enter sleep or hibernation, the computer goes to sleep very well, the power led starts to blink, but around 1 second after the computer comes back from sleep itself and the screen doesn't turn on until I press a key or a mouse click. It isthe same behavior whether I close the lid or I click sleep/hibernate I the option menu. Anybody knows what could be the problem, or where could that come from ? thanks in advance ! PS: I've also tried pmset -a hibernatemode 0 and it doesn't change anything at all.
  2. Dell 1545 Snow Leopard Retail/boot132 Install

    Ok, thank you!! specs: - C2D p8600 - 4go ddr2 ram - ati MR HD 4330 256 - hard drive toshiba MK3255GSX ATA 320go yes i have bought a retails dvd of snow leopard (got it for Xmas) yes i use your boot132 iso. My hard drive has curently 2 partitions, first one has Windows 7 installed on it, the second one is for SL, i formated it has NTFS. I formated it with the windows utility, i could do it with partition magic of even mac os leopard if you want... and yes tried booting in verbose mode, still doing the same... waiting for your response
  3. Dell 1545 Snow Leopard Retail/boot132 Install

    some help needed here... i'm being stuck between this step "You Should See Some Scrolling, And Then Mac OS X Snow Leopard Installation Will Begin" and the next one, once i lunch the retails SL dvd, a white apple shows up with the loading ring, then the screen becomes totally white, then some "lines" appears on the screen, and then absolute white screen again, for 20minutes now, and the dvd player is reading nothing anymore... i realy don't see why it couldn't work, feeling desperate...
  4. Dell 1545 Snow Leopard Retail/boot132 Install

    hell yes!! thank you so much for this tutorial!! i've been looking for that since a long time ago!! i'm downloading the file right now, will let you know if i manage to work it out!! also for the QE/CI, i'll try the part of this tutorial ( http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=197713 ) about the fix, i belive you can do the same! cheers
  5. Dell Inspiron 1545 SL 10.6.7 Install Guide

    First, thank you for you fast reply. I'll see tomorow if one of my friend hasn't the SL retail disk, would be easier. For information, i can virtualise Leopard 10.5.6, i believe this is gonna be usefull. I have found this guide -> http://www.infinitemac.com/f57/guide-boot-...d-usb-pc-t3859/ can i use this boot-132 method??
  6. Dell Inspiron 1545 SL 10.6.7 Install Guide

    Ok, i'll give it few more tries then... i believe that a boot-132 disk is a live-cd that alows me to setup an installation of mac on my pc computer am i right?? An other thing, whats VESA? i believe its a graphic mode, but how do i enable it??
  7. Dell Inspiron 1545 SL 10.6.7 Install Guide

    Hello wmarsh, i've been trying to install SL on my inspiron 1545 witch has the exact same specs than yours, but with so sucess at all.. despite trying a lot and a lot of tutorials anywhere on the net.. I found your topic by reading this post http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t=#entry1331261 but i can't manage to do it because i don't own any working SL installation.. so i was wondering if you could clone your working USB disk of the working SL inspiron 1545 installation using carbon copy cloner and share it... i know it's a very huge asking but i'm desperate :angry2: waiting for your reply, many thanks..