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  1. Same here. Mouse works for 2 min then stops moving but keeps connected to bluetooth. If I power off and power back on the mouse starts moving again, but after 2 minutes or more, stops again...
  2. Danny Way

    Install OSx86 on HP nx8220

    No the installation didn't had anything to do with that...I've used a different power supply and that thing totally burned my mboard (although the specification were compatible)...Bad luck I guess.
  3. Danny Way

    Install OSx86 on HP nx8220

    Guys,I think my journey in the nx8220 is over... The Mother Board burned...And HP wants 600€ to replace it...(men this guys are the real thief's) If any of you guys want to sell your laptop...please tell me.
  4. Danny Way

    Install OSx86 on HP nx8220

    Hi billy. Men you are really making progress here Disappointed to see you can't find the 10.5.1 I will try to install iPC 10.5.6 Universal PPF5 and see if I can get it working. Concerning the message "need to restart your computer" I also get the same thing after a while if I don't use the computer. But this happens also in 10.4.9 (and other versions also from the 10.5 that I don't remember which ones, I've already tried so many) With the iPC 10.5.6 Universal PPF5 have you been able to see the battery status icon on the top left? Thanks for your effort