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  1. Your new BiosVideo seems to work better, now when I boot into Clover GUI, I don't get a blinking cursor but the screen is still blank. As for the shutdown problem, I believe my DSDT does have the ASUS shutdown fix, although I'm not sure if there is a difference between _PST and PST Methods, because this DSDT has both. EDIT: Dmazar, I think your BiosVideo.efi does something right because I enabled PatchVBios and this now in the logs. 0:188 0:000 Starting BiosVideo.efi 0:190 0:001 Using load options 'BiosVideo.efi ' 0:190 0:000 BiosVideoDriverEntryPoint! 0:190 0:000 - driver needs connecting 0:197 0:007 2 drivers needs connecting ... 0:197 0:000 PlatformDriverOverrideProtocol not found. Installing ... Success 0:197 0:000 Video driver loaded: disconnect Successdisconnect Success 0:306 0:109 Searching for invalid DiskIo BY_DRIVER connects: not found, all ok 0:306 0:000 VideoBiosPatchNativeFromEdid: 0:306 0:000 Bios: VideoBiosPatchInit(LegacyRegion = Success) = Success 0:306 0:000 VideoBiosUnlock: unlocked 0:310 0:003 Patching: Patch BT_INTEL: Parse Edid: descriptor block 0 is timing descriptor (h_active: 1366, v_active: 768, h_sync_offset: 48, h_sync_width: 32, h_blanking: 212, v_blanking: 22, pixel_clock: 23424, v_sync_offset: 2, v_sync_width: 5) 0:310 0:000 patched 2 time(s) 0:310 0:000 VideoBiosLock: Success 0:338 0:027 BiosVideoDriverBindingStart! 0:338 0:000 BiosVideoCheckForVbe 0:350 0:012 Edid1+ 0:350 0:000 found Detail Timing 1366x768 0:350 0:000 timing string @0xFE:SAMSUNG L�AT 0:350 0:000 timing string @0xFE:LTN156AT24L01 0:362 0:012 Edid0+ 0:362 0:000 found Detail Timing 1366x768 0:362 0:000 ... already present 0:362 0:000 timing string @0xFE:SAMSUNG L�AT 0:362 0:000 timing string @0xFE:LTN156AT24L01 0:363 0:000 0 1366x768 attr=9B - ok, edid+, working, highest, pref=0 0:363 0:000 1 640x480 attr=9B - ok, edid-, 640x480, working 0:363 0:000 2 800x600 attr=9B - ok, edid-, 800x600, working 0:363 0:000 BV new mode: 0 1366x768 0:596 0:232 SetMode pref 0 (0) = Success 0:596 0:000 BiosVideoDriverBindingStart - END: Success! 0:597 0:000 BV new mode: 2 800x600 0:744 0:146 VGA Pci.Hdr.Command=0 - not enabled 0:744 0:000 VGA Pci.Hdr.Command=0 - not enabled 1:074 0:329 LoadDrivers() end Clover GUI is still a blank screen, but now OS X only shows 800 * 600 on the top left of the screen. Once I adjust the resolution, it's normal again. Do you know what causes this or a fix? boot.log.zip DSDT.aml.zip
  2. Thx dmazar! Using DualLink = 0 got the screen working great! So far I like the new Clover and EmuVar, my laptop has a more reliable shutdown than ever (but not perfect). I do have a question though, has CsmVideoDxe-64 been fixed for Intel HD 3000? So far when I install that file, I get a blinking cursor at the top left. boot.log.zip
  3. Hello dmazar! I still do use Clover for OS X booting. Unfortunately, I get a weird screen after the Apple boot screen finishes when updating Clover and your new EmuVariableUefi driver. Here is a picture. I have reverted back to an older EmuVariableUefi driver and Clover r904 with shutdown hangs.
  4. For me, sleep has a higher chance of working. Every now and then, I'll leave my laptop and come back to it stuck. (of course I lost my unsaved data and a forced reboot is necessary) I'm not sure if there is a correlation, if I freshly log onto OS X and shutdown, it works. If I wait and start Safari browsing or terminal work for extended periods, I get the shutdown hang.
  5. I only occasionally get popping when my soundcard is initialized after it sleeps. (Ex: Using soundless app for a few mins or putting the laptop to sleep.) The popping is fairly quiet and doesn't occur during playback, only when my soundcard is turned on. During shutdown, my sound card pops when it gets disabled. By the way, does your sleep function hang occasionally too? The only guarenteed function that works 100% for me is restart.
  6. Timewalker, do you use AppleHDA.kext for sound or VoodooHDA? Sometimes I hear my speakers pop as if the soundcard is turned off during shutdown. Usually as the pop occurs, the laptop shuts off. When the freezing happens, I still hear the pop, but the laptop power is stuck on.
  7. Don't worry, your not the only one with the shutdown problem. I've had it since day one. If I use Clover EFI from a usb, there is no shutdown hang. If I Phoenix UEFI boot with EmuVariableUefi-64.efi, my laptop hangs with power led and fans on.
  8. Thanks dmazar, this release works great. I still get the shutdown hang, which is pretty annoying. I did notice that the sound card gets shutoff properly, because I heard the speakers pop. (I am using AppleHDA). Anyway, it might be your EmuVariableUefi.efi, is there anyway for it to be "temporarily" disabled during shutdown?
  9. Awesome, thank for the update. Is this version one we already have or is the one you posted newer?
  10. Understood, thanks for clearing that up. In that case I have no idea why OS X will not completely shut off my computer after about 2-3 mins of usage in UEFI boot.
  11. The shutdown problem in OS X. Here is the post from above. As for Clover bios boot, is there a way to force Clover use Clover EFI instead of Phoenix UEFI? I noticed Clover Boot Manager (in bios moot menu) is pointing to Cloverx64.efi, is there a way to keep that boot option in bios, but force Clover to use Clover EFI?
  12. Could the problem be from the EmuVarUEFI? jkbuha on Post #41 posted an EmuVarRuntimeDxe that worked to fix shutdown on their laptop (which did not work for me), is there a modification to it that may work for my laptop?
  13. Thank you for the detailed explanation, I understand the differences between Clover UEFI and Bios boot now. I did compare the BIOS and UEFI DSDT, both looked identical. I even used a clean, non-edited DSDT (other than errors were fixed) and OS X still did not shutdown. Unfortunately, this driver didn't work, are you using the nomouse version of Clover or a different version? This is extremely odd. Now sleep is broken, it hangs too. Only reboot works. Plus, if I just startup OS X, then shutdown, the laptop turns off fine. If I start Safari browsing and such, shutdown/sleep hangs. EDIT: dmazar, I think I misunderstood your last post. I did disable the bootx64.efi to force bios boot of OS X. So far, I think that's the perfect solution. At the moment, Sleep and Shutdown work great. I will keep an eye on it and report if this fix truly worked. If this solution does work, how would I force bios through Clover on the HDD?
  14. Strange thing is, with EmuVarUEFI, using shut down hangs. Without EmuVarUEFI, the first time I use shutdown, I am sent back to Clover boot menu. The second time, that menu appears.
  15. I have an idea, once my laptop finishes its battery calibration cycle, I will try the old EmuVarRuntime (the one that BSOD'd Windows) to see if shutdown works on that version. It's strange though, Clover will not shutdown. (just to clarify, the Clover bootloader itself will not shutdown, which I think is my problem for OS X) EDIT: I think I found something. When I use my Clover USB (this has NO EmuVariableUefi installed), selecting shutdown sends me to a screen that says "boot0:" and then Clover (from USB) shows up again. If I select shut down a second time, I get a screen that looks like this: