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  1. i would be more than happy to wait for this... really need speedstep to preserve the battery... keep updating please!
  2. wito aja

    iATKOS 10.5.4 DVD release

    has anyone tried to do quicklook on jpeg/picture files in full screen mode? coz in my system, it results in white screen...
  3. you dont have to have an apple keyboard to do those shortcuts... control = control option = win command = alt eject = F12 (press a bit longer)
  4. wito aja

    Is it ok to do 2007-009 Security update

    the last time I did, my computer refused to shutdown from there on. -v displayed some errors with AppleHDAblabla.kext
  5. ups i think i misunderstood the method here... what i did was i covered both side of the 20th pin... so it's like pin 20 n pin 19, or pin 20 n pin 21... hmmm i wonder if it has any side effect, i'm still using it and downloaded almost a gigs with this method... later, i'll get off the tape on the odd pin (whether it's 21st or 19th)...
  6. CONFIRMED !!!! Worked well in BenQ S61 with the 20th pin taping... Before, it couldn't work at all, windows and mac recognized it, windows asked for a driver and then that's all, no network, no wireless list, nothing at all... in mac it was recognized as Airport Extreme, but I couldn't turn it on at all... Once the 20th pin has been taped, it's fully working in windows and Mac... but instead of an always-on LED, i've got an always-off LED... but it's okay... THANKS FOR THIS THREAD!!! at last, my spending on ebay is not useless....
  7. wito aja

    Dell Wireless 1490 802.11A/B/G Mini PCI-Express

    i would like to have one, but it seems that the shipping cost will be too much as I live in Indonesia... may I know how much would u like to sell that?
  8. wito aja

    Best web browser?

    how would you set camino to have new tab on hyperlink? all i can set is that I have to use command+click...