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  1. Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with UEFI Only

    I tried enabling HaltEnabler but it had no affect. System still rebooted on shutdown (this time i was on battery power) I wonder if my custom USB injectAll kext is causing issues. I've disabled the everything that's not sed and also disabled the USB that goes to the BTDC. I also enabled hibernate mode 7 via manual plist editing. Still can't get it to hibernate. Also updated Clover to the latest version. Thanks, I've tried it and still not working. I will try again (hard to test since I have to wait 4200 seconds). One thing is that I don't see the hibernate option in clover. Does that only pop up after a hibernation or is it always visible during any boot? Thanks!!!
  2. Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with UEFI Only

    Hey Guys, Quick question... Do you guys have working hibernate and shutdown? I'm on an x220 and the guide I used borrowed a few things from the T420 installation guide here... I'm just curious if you guys have the same issues I have (and if not, how the heck do I get it to work on my x220)... Basically I want to enable hibernate to put less strain on the battery and my shutdown usually reboots ~50% of the time. Thanks!
  3. Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with UEFI Only

    Nice... I'll definitely try that out... Just wanted to confirm though, that you T420 guys do *not* get the trackpoint button issue I described above? I find that strange since our hardware should be identical...
  4. Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with UEFI Only

    Hey Guys, i found this thread after trying to troubleshoot my trackpoint behaviour with OS X on my X220. I'm a mackintosh newb (only a few days in so far) and I was hoping someone could provide some insight/advice. I follow a guide that uses the voodooPS2controller.kext that was modified here (x220.mcdonnelltech.com). Do you T420 guys have this issue with your trackjpoints? 1) With the trackpad disabled (via PrtSc button) and with a finger/palm on the trackpad, the trackpoint buttons do NOT register unless you drag the cursor Like many, I'm a trackpoint only user and having the buttons not register is very very infuriating. Almost to the point I want to go back to Windows 10. I was hoping someone here could shed light whether there is something can be done in the info.plist. I've checked with rehabman and he's limited in what he can do because he doesn't have any thinkpad hardware. the trackpoint buttons work normally with the trackpad enabled BUT I'm constantly causing the cursor to move when I click the buttons with my thumb causing even more issues. I've also tried disabling the trackpad via the bios, but it causes the trackpoint to register as a mouse (vs. trackpad) and the middle trackpoint button doesn't work after that so scrolling is disable. So it seems like there's no 1 configuration that gets it all right. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!!! EDIT: Okay I made a super ghetto workaround... I noticed a comment about how FingerZ parameter was modified from the stock VoodooPS2Trackpad.kext for the T420. So I experimented by increasing the value to see what it does and noticed that it made it harder to register touch input. So I cranked it up to 650 (I went from 47 to 65 to 650 if you're wondering how I arrived at that number) which essentially makes it impossible to move the cursor with the trackpad. What this means is that the trackpoint buttons now register all the time with the trackpad disabled (since I still have to disable the buttons) and everything works including middle button scrolling. Hope that helps someone
  5. Hi Guys, I've been doing some digging trying to find out if using a WHS SMB share is a viable solution for Time Machine Backups... There are been more than a few posts from various people over the years that have recommended against doing this hack because of the high probability that the Time Machine backups will get corrupted. How are the experiences here regarding this? Has anyone actually been able to restore using TM backups from an SMB share? Have there been any horror stories? Has anyone confirmed that their remote connected SMB shares have *not* corrupted over time? Does anyone run the TM backups on WiFi connected SMB shares? Thanks,