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  1. Dear ugokind, I want to install one more Graphic card(gts250),do you suggest? Yours, kinhei
  2. Dear ugokind, Thanks your help,Sorry about that I told you wrong before!(Help me to want card part to join s the files sound in a files) if possible, whether to give me to change once more, the S files primarily, join A files the Display Card kext inside S, this's because when with the S dsdt files,the SL normal,sometimes A dsdt files meet KP,S file also can get the right info message with me and boot more fast and also sorry about my poor english Thank you very much
  3. Asks the master to help, to thank I on-line found two Dsdt.aml files, an indicator could demonstrate perfectly, (512MB), but did not have Sound, another indicator only could demonstrate that (256MB), could not train ReSoluiton, but had Sound, asked the master to help, whether the files to combine two dsdt.aml, thanks Attaches in files dsdt.zip to have two files, a and s, the little brother no talent hoped that the person with high aspirations can help me to want card part to join s the files sound in a files dsdt.zip