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  1. Ok so how do you do it? I've got a myessentials wireless USB with that chipset that I want to get up and running. Thanks.
  2. HP DV7-4083cl - Help

    Wifi card is here and the laptop will be here this afternoon.
  3. HP DV7-4083cl - Help

    Got the Atheros AR5B93 on the way now as well........
  4. HP DV7-4083cl - Help

    OK so seeing as how I can return to Costco within 90 days if I'm not happy I pulled the trigger. Now I just need to know what you did to get it running on 10.6.2. I'll be happy once I get it running well on that, to help try to get further updates sorted out. I should have it in my hot little hands in 4 or 5 days. Come on UPS!!!! What can BROWN do for me???? DRIVE FASTER!!!
  5. HP DV7-4083cl - Help

    Saw on your other posting that you were planning on doing a guide for this one. Any word yet? I may be getting one of these. Is 10.6.2 working perfectly? I'm looking for a big Dell Mini 10v!!!! That was a dream to dual boot and set up! I'm currently on 10.6.5 on it. Thanks
  6. Anyone have any luck with the new graphics yet? They have a good deal on one with just the Intel card only today. Not buying it if it's a waste of my time and a bunch of frustration though. If not anyone have any suggestions since I've been looking and all the manufacturers are going to the Intel card with the core i processors.