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  1. Upgraded from 10.5.5 to 10.5.6

    it obviously means it can't detect your hard drive which basically means the kext/driver got f**ked up. Boot from DVD; copy over the DVD's HDD Driver (e.g. AppleNVidiaATA) and fix permissions.
  2. Use OS X as main OS?

    Download Pacifist and check updates before doing them is probably another easy solution. You just need to know what you're doing and be a little bit patient before running everything that pops up. Who cares if you don't get the update the day it's released. Read through the board first and find out if it's really safe and pay especially attention to which kexts are updated and stuff like that. It's not THAT hard to go without a cloned system. An external HDD is probably a good idea thought (for Time Machine, so you'll have at least all your files in case something goes wrong).
  3. Use OS X as main OS?

    I've been using OSx86 as my only OS for weeks now and it's rock solid. Kind of depends on your PC though. If it runs perfectly w/o any problems, then I would say go for it. And seriously if it doesn't work out, so what? You can always switch back, right?
  4. The conversation that took place this morning.

    XKCD did it!!1
  5. You might want to replace the battery on your motherboard. @Topic: I'm been using OS X full-time for the last couple of weeks. I just quite recently upgraded my computer and on my old PC it didn't just work quite right (no QE for example). With my new machine it works REALLY good and the upgrade was much cheaper than buying an iMac, which by the way doesn't really look that good imho. After fine-tuning it the system is rock solid. I don't like dual booting as I'd rather have ONE system for everything and OS X is just that. Most games are {censored} anyway and I don't need that childish stuff anymore. Once in a while some mini-games is enough.
  6. Come on guys...What is left to read about...?

    Kudos for trying it yourself. Which NVidia kext do you use? 10.5.5 or 10.5.6? You might want to check out the latest ones. At least they worked for me. Did you use the correct Device ID in NV*50* and NV*Resman,*? Did your card ever work (eg in Tiger)? Did you find others who got it to work?
  7. IPC 10.5.6 Final help

    Oh damn, tabs confuse me sometimes. Sorry for that then. Research into Vanilla anyway, it should work on Intel pretty well, but Voodoo would of course also work.
  8. IPC 10.5.6 Final help

    First of all: Don't bump a topic so often in one day. Try to find it our yourself or you'll never learn it. To give you a hint: Find out if you can use a Vanilla (native Kernel) on AMD and if not try to find out more about the Voodoo Kernel. The Forum Search and Google should help you a lot. As for Graphics I *guess* you might want to go with the 9800GTX option in the installer, so thats pretty obvious isn't it? Chipsets are easy. Get your copy of your mainboard manual and look for the infos. My Gigabyte lists everything on Page 3 or 4 in a big table. You'll find stuff like which Audio Chipset you've got and which ATA Driver you'll need. For me it's ALC888 and NForce, but it'll probably be different for you.
  9. How to install Leopard on Motherboard: GA-EP45-DS3

    You guys REALLY got to check this out...
  10. Mouse movement

    Why not try this here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...amp;pid=1070780 Forum search would have also helped.
  11. Mouse is laggish

    To safe you and maybe some others the trouble of downloading a lot of stuff here's a quick shortcut: 1) Download and Extract this: http://www.box.net/shared/148ec99ib6 (24MB) 2) Navigate Finder to /System/Library/QuickTime/QuickTimeComponents.component/Contents/MacOS 3) Replace File (might want to make a backup - just in case) 4) Fix Permissions 5) Reboot This fixed everything for me with 10.5.6 w/ a 9800 GT. It's not a complete downgrade, but it works just perfect for me and it's better than downloading the old QT and Pacifist and reinstalling the whole thing.
  12. New Chameleon Announced!

    OT really, but does you MB actually beep when you turn it on? Never had one that did that and it would drive me nuts if it did. I mean, seriously why would it need to beep? So that even the dumbest idiot would notice when the PC is actually turned on (in case he misses the sound of the fans and the brightness of the display)? OnT: This is really cool, but I don't really need it as I'm not dual booting.
  13. 10.4.11 on AMD

    I tryed around with adding Components and other folders which kinda crashed my system. Hopefully we'll find out what's causing bugs.
  14. 10.4.11 on AMD

    Please run grep -n "" /etc/rc | grep "22.:" to show us the content of the line 226 (and the lines around it). Just copy and paste it here. I'm unsure why you get this error. Are you using Tubgirl's AMD Release or this XXX thing? edit: Anyone can confirm System Profiler is not working? Maybe we need the bin, sbin stuff too. Need to have a closer look.
  15. 10.4.11 on AMD

    This is not the case for me. Maybe it's because I redid the Update in Single User Mode (had to because I forgot to apply the patch with AMD Patcher when I was testing out my installer). But it's nice it worked out for you. And we can always overwrite stuff when/if Tubgirl hits the scene with one of his(/her?) awsome updates. The new loginwindow works fine for me. If you followed my guide you are still running 8.10.* as your kernel which works fine for me. If you replaced the old kernel with the new one then reinstall the old one as the new one doesn't support AMD.